Berlin Planning to create new office “Landesamt für Einwanderung” for Immigration process

Germany Immigration Process: Berlin, in order to promote its efforts to attract skilled workers, is planning to create a new official department. The new Immigration authority will be as created as the per the German Immigration legal norms. To point out, Berlin top’s the league for attractive German cities for migration.

‘Migration Not a threat’

The new office will be named as the Landesamt für Einwanderung (State Office for Immigration). The new office will be replacing the current office of foreigners.  Berlin’s Bureaucracy main emphasis on the creation of such new office is to change the conception of governments who consider migration as a threat. 

Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said on Monday, that the formation of new office aims at developing foreign citizens authority into an Independent Immigration Authority. At present, Foreign Citizens Authority currently deals with everything from driver’s licenses to marriage certificates including the Immigration process. With multiple responsibilities, it becomes strenuous for the office to focus on immigration issues specifically. 

He further stated that growing sectors such as Care work, Engineering and IT are facing an acute shortage of workers. In addition, he said that such a shortage cannot be covered by unemployed Germans or even immigrants from inside the EU.

New office a move to make the Immigration process more User-friendly

Though it’s not a new proposal, Hamburg and Bremen already have Welcome centers where the primary focus is to help people settle in Germany. In fact, Berlin also has a Business Immigration Service (BIS) within the Foreigners office.

The BIS main work is to separate employment immigration form humanitarian immigration. Therefore, helping employers get permanent residency permits.

Though, there is a considerable amount of improvement in the services of BIS. But still, the department needs improvement, Structurally.

As per the various applicants, BIS has certain limitations, for instance:

  • Understaffed Foreigner’s Office.
  • Waiting for months for appointments.
  • Queuing outside the office from 5 a.m. in harsh winters.
  • Dealing with Hostile security guards.


However, by the introduction of the new office, there will be an ample amount of improvement in the Immigration process. The New office will work towards being more user-friendly.

Important to realize, there are still certain points which are unclear regarding the new office. The points include:

  • The exact date of opening the New immigration office not mentioned.
  • Allowance of the budget for extra staff.


To conclude, the move by Berlin is praiseworthy. However, the focal point should be to facilitate the immigration process rather just a formation of new Department or a label change of the department.

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