German Cabinet approves new Immigration law as Germany requires 2,60,000 Immigrants in a year

#German Cabinet approves New Immigration laws to ease worker shortage.

The German cabinet approves new immigration law. The New law focusses on attracting skilled foreign labor. The New Immigration Law’s primary motive is to remove hurdles in the Immigration process for migrants who can fill job shortages that German or EU nationals cannot.

To point out, the new Immigration law will come in force from 2020.

To Enumerate, requirements under new Immigration law are as follows:

  • Appropriate Qualification.
  • Basic German Language knowledge.
  • Necessary financial means.

However, Foreign Nationals will have their qualifications approved and officially recognized by a German Institution.

Significantly, for three decades, there has been a constant demand for such Immigration law by various business sectors like the IT, as there is a crunch for qualified workers. For example, Biktom a German IT sector announced that there were 82,000 vacant jobs in IT Companies.

#Due to Ageing workforce, Germany requires 2,60,000 Immigrants a year.

Recently, A research was done by the collaboration of the Institute for Employment Research and the University of Coburg. The study was regarding the Impact of Shrinking German workforce due to aging on the German economy.

Furthermore, the study published by the Bertelsmann Foundation said Germany should start taking several times more non-EU immigrants in order to meet the labor demands. The study also shows that by 2060, there will be a drastic shrink in German population without immigration.

Bertelsmann Foundation in its study asserts that even if men and women worked the same way as well as Introduction of pension of 70 in Germany, will still not be enough to cover the demand for skilled labor.

“Germany should hurry up and pass the new immigration law as it would make it easier for non-EU nationals to find a job and move to Germany,” said Jörg Dräger Bertelsmann Foundation.

Given Below is the average need for migrants as per survey:

By 2035 98,000 immigrants from non-EU countries every year
Between 2036 and 2050 almost 170,000 people per year
Between 2051 and 2060 almost 200,000 people per year

In August 2018, the German government was notified by the German Labor Office. As per the notification, there are still 1.2 million vacancies open in Germany.

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