Fourth Special MPNP Immigration Draw for Ukrainians Issues 13 LAAs

Fourth Special MPNP Immigration Draw for Ukrainians Issues 13 LAAs

On May 20, 2022, Manitoba held its 4th Special MPNP draw which targets war-affected Ukrainians. The draw selected a total of 13 applicants.

But to qualify in this draw the applicants needed to meet terms such as:

  • Are a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Have a minimum language skill level of CLB 4.
  • Have a connection with Manitoba.
    • Through a relative, close connection, family-like, community, past work, or past study in the province.)
  • The language test result must be valid at the time of application. Also, at the time of processing.
  • Besides, must have a minimum of 60 points on the MPNP assessment terms to qualify to apply.

Finally, based on the above details as a Ukrainian you will get a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). This is a formal invitation from Manitoba to you. And you can apply for a nomination.

After getting a nomination you must apply for a Canada PR. To do the same. you can apply to IRCC with a complete and error-free Canada PR application.

As the fourth special MPNP immigration draw for Ukrainians issues 13 LAAs, we can see Canada still offering shelter to the war-stricken people of Ukraine. The current situation stems from ongoing Ukraine Vs Russia conflict.

As a result, the citizens of Ukraine are in dire need of shelter and protection. And Canada owing to its past strong ties with Ukraine is offering monetary, political, and economical assistance for the same. In addition, Canada has opened its doors to the people of Ukraine. And as per the special IRCC measures, their application is being processed on a priority basis.

Lower selection of Ukrainians in New Special Immigration MPNP Draw

In comparison to the past draws, we can see a fall in the selection of applicants in the special MPNP draws. Looking at the current draw, the fourth special MPNP immigration draw for Ukrainians issues 13 LAAs.

Now, this number is the lowest until now, in comparison to past such draws.

But we may see a rise in such LAAs near time soon. However, on the contrary, the regular MPNP draws are going on in full swing. And are selecting applicants at a higher number. Also, the CRS score requirement is coming lower.

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