First Invitations for Quebec Skilled Worker Issued

Arrima System Focuses on Quebec Skilled Worker

Quebec’s Arrima portal hires skilled workers for economic growth. Hence, it sends the first invite to all Quebec Skilled Worker. Specifically, to those whose profile is registered under the EOI in the Arrima portal.

Hence, on July 4, invited Quebec Skilled Worker got email notifications asking to submit their profile. As a result, they have 60 days to submit for CSQ.

Candidate registers in Arrima to create an EOI profile. Next, the profile gets submitted in the QSWP bank.

Arrima to give importance to first invites. They should either have a valid job offer in Quebec or fulfil the requirements:

  • CSQ application cancelled on June 16, 2019
  • Registered as a Quebec citizen
  • Worked or studied in Quebec

On June 16, 2019, the reforms of Quebec’s immigration laws passed. It rejected 16,000 pending applications of QSWP.

Arrima Portal for Quebec Skilled Worker

In September 2018, Arrima system launched. Thus, it helps to handle the QSWP applicant’s bank.

MIDI said all rejected applications got filed for Arrima’s launch. This helps applicants to fulfil the labour needs.

Skilled workers coming under one of the two prioritized groups got affected by the moves. Therefore, December 16, 2019, is the last date to create a profile on Arrima to get ITA for a CSQ.

They got priority depending on the requirement. Therefore, one can have several invitation rounds starting from now till January 16, 2020.

Previously, the immigration minister spoke in a press conference. There she said that Quebec to issue its first invitations to QSWP applicants under EOI through Arrima.

She said “we know the needs of all regions as well as those of the community. It lacks skilled workers. Hence, immigration is the only answer for the shortages. We will ensure that immigrants can be part of society in Quebec. The updates to Arrima are part of the government’s promise.”

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