First Agriculture category based EE draw held on Sep 28

First Agriculture category based EE draw held on Sep 28, 2023

Canada Immigration 2023: First Agriculture category-based EE draw held on Sep 28. This current draw is the first Agriculture occupations draw in the Express Entry category-based draws list. And issued 600 ITAs with a CRS cut-off requirement of 354.

To qualify the applicants needed to:

  • Firstly, have an active EE profile under the FSW/FST or CEC category.
  • Secondly, meet Human Capital Factors.
  • Also, their occupation must come under 1 of the following Agriculture and agri-food occupations:
Job Profile NOC code (2021) TEER category (2021)
Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services 82031 2
Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors 82030 2
Butchers – retail and wholesale 63201 3
  • Finally match the CRS cut-off of 543.


We have just 600 ITAs to apply for Canada PR in the current draw. But the CRS cut-off requirement is the lowest amongst all the other Category draws:

  • STEM – July 05, 2023: 500 ITAs & 486 CRS cut-off.
  • Trade Occupations – Aug 03, 2023: 1500 ITAS & 388 CRS cut-off.
  • Healthcare Occupations – July 06, 2023: 1500 ITAS & 463 CRS cut-off.
  • Transport Occupations – Sep 20, 2023: 1000 ITAS & 435 CRS cut-off.
  • French Speaking Candidates – July 12, 2023: 3800 ITAS & 375 CRS cut-off.
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food – Sep 28, 2023: 600 ITAs & 354 CRS cut-off.

Thus, as per the above figures, we can see that the CRS cut-off for applicants from the agriculture field is lower. And in future, we can expect the ITAs for permanent residency to go up.

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