First 2023 Arrima draw issues 1011 invites for permanent selection

First 2023 Arrima draw issues 1011 invites for permanent selection

Quebec Immigration: 2023 Arrima Draws Begin

  • Firstly, the first Arrima draw was held by Quebec on Feb 09, 2023.
  • Secondly, the largest and French Speaking province of Canada issued 1011 invites for permanent selection in this draw.
  • Also, to qualify the applicants needed to meet the following terms:
    • Have a score of 619 or more, OR
    • Have a valid job offer from outside the territory of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal.  
  • Besides, applicants who have an invitation in this draw can further apply to Quebec for permanent selection.


The first 2023 Arrima draw issues 1011 invites for permanent selection. And this marks a wonderful start of Quebec Arrima draws. Because we see a higher number of applicants getting an invitation in the current draw. Besides, looking at the past 2022 Arrima draws we can see the draw trends clearly. And this indicates that we should expect either no change or a rise in invites in the next few 2023 Quebec Arrima draws.


2022 Quebec Arrima Draws Updates 

Date Invites for Permanent Selection Draw Score
Jan 13, 2022 512 602
Jan 27, 2022 321 647
Feb 10, 0202 523 592
Feb 24, 2022 306 630
Mar 10, 2022 506 577
Apr 07, 2022 33 NA
May 05, 2022 30 NA
July 07, 2022 348 575-624
Aug 11, 2022 58 NA
Sep 08, 2022 1,202 620
Sep 15, 2022 1,009 563
Sep 29, 2022 1,195 597


Nov 24, 2022 998 603
Dec 1, 2022 513 589
Dec 8, 2022 517 591
Dec 15, 2022 1,047 571
Graph of Quebec Arrima draws held in 2022 showcasing the variation in both invitations for permanent selection and the draw score needed to qualify for the same.


Arrima draw invites 1011 applicants. Can you clear the upcoming 2023 Arrima draws?

The current draw is for applicants who have applied under the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP). The RSWP is one of the most popular immigration pathways for Quebec. And helps the province to fill up its increasing job vacancies. And ensure consistent growth in its economy. As a result, if you have the skills that Quebec requires then you will surely clear an Arrima draw.

However, you must carefully read the program terms before applying to any of the Canadian immigration programs. As each pathway has its eligibility terms that an applicant must match. Besides, Quebec has a separate immigration system. And does not follow the terms of the federal and provincial immigration pathways. Thus, it is wise to apply under the guidance of a Canadian immigration lawyer who is well-updated with the ever-changing immigration system of Canada.


How to apply under the Quebec RSWP pathway?

To apply do the following:

  • Firstly, apply online via the Arrima portal.
    • Show your interest to move to Quebec permanently to work.
  • Secondly, your profile will enter a pool of applicants.
  • Also, in periodic Arrima draws you will get an invitation as per:
    • Human Capital Factors – Age, language skills (English/French), work experience, age, education.
    • Quebec’s labour market and economic needs.
    • Spouse factors – French language skills, education level, Quebec diploma
    • Other factors – the profession of practice, the area in Quebec.
  • Finally, get an invite for permanent selection.


Moreover, 1011 applicants who cleared the Feb 09, 2023, Arrima draw, will have 60 days to submit a complete application to Quebec. Further, after the successful processing of their application, they will get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). As a result, with this, they can further apply to IRCC for a Canada PR visa.


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