Finally PGWP Holders can Apply for Extension or New Open Work Permit

Finally PGWP holders can apply for extension or new open work permit

Sean Fraser (Immigration Minister) in April announced that PGWP holders will be able to get a new work permit. But recently the minister shared that due to technical issues, the ministry was not able to share instructions on the same.

However, finally PGWP holders can apply for extension or new open work permit
. To confirm the same the minister shared a list of instructions as per which you can apply.

As per the new instructions you can be eligible to apply. If your PGWP visa is expiring between Sep 20, 2021, to Dec 31, 2022. This comes in as a great relief to many as the PGWP is issued only once. And due to the pandemic, the visa processing times were very high. Also, the Express Entry (EE) draws were on pause. As a result, the PGWP holders did not have a chance to either get a new temporary visa or apply for permanent residency in Canada.

However, Canada understands the contribution of international students to the economic growth of the country. Thus, it announces the new instructions to accommodate the international students. So, they can continue to stay in Canada. As per the new measures, international students can get extend their work permit or get a new open work permit with a validity of 18 months.

Besides, applications for this must be made online and not at the port of entry. In addition, while the work permit application is processing the applicants will be able to continue or re-join work in Canada.

New instructions for PGWP holders

If you avail of the benefits of the new instructions, then you must apply if 1 of the following terms applies to you:

PGWP expiring between Oct 02, 2022, to Dec 31, 2022

  • The address is updated with IRCC, and the passport is valid up till April 2024.
    • If this sub-condition applies to you then you do not need to take an action. Do not reply to any message for confirming ID from IRCC.
    • Because you will get an updated work permit by mid of October.
  • Need to update address and or passport.
    • If this sub-condition applies, then reply to the message for upgrading your email ID and notify that you want to change your email address.
    • However, you will not get this message, if your passport validity does not allow IRCC to give you a new work permit. In this case, you will get a separate email in September.
    • Because the new email will have instructions to update your email and or passport validity.
    • Finally, you will get a new work permit by mid-November.
  • You can not update your email address and or passport validity.
  • You have no message from IRCC for an extension of the work permit.
    • In such a case, this means you do not qualify to apply via the new special instructions. But you can apply online for getting an extension on your work permit.

PGWP visa is expired or will expire between September 20, 2021, to October 1, 2022

If this sub-condition applies to you then you will have to apply online for a work permit. The applications will open from Aug 02, 2022. Also, if you have lost your status in Canada then you will have to restore your status. Besides, you will be able to apply for the same even if you lost your status more than 90 days ago.

Finally PGWP holders can apply for extension or new open work permit. But did you know that even TR2PR applicants awaiting a decision on their application can benefit from the new instructions? Yes, the TR2PR applicants now apply for an open work permit so that they do not lose their status in Canada.

Besides, with the above measures, now CEC applicants who are not able to claim PR in Canada can benefit from the same. because most of the time, PGWP applicants apply via the CEC category. But the CEC draws have been on pause since Sep 14, 2021. However, Canada resumed Express Entry draws on July 06, 2022. Also, as of now, 3250 applicants have an ITA in 2 of the all-program Express Entry draws in July 2022.

And now, finally PGWP holders can apply for extension or new open work permit.

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