Fake Admission Letter Causes Deportation of 700 Indian Students in Canada

Fake Admission Letter Causes Deportation of 700 Indian Students in Canada

‘Visa first, payment later’ is the new slogan adopted by Ghost Immigration Consultants to dupe the masses of their time and money. And it is unbelievable to what extent these fraudsters will go to make you believe they are genuine and want only the best for you. From no consultation charges to no visa fee until you get a visa to whatnot… All such ‘Free’ or ‘Not Taking’ words may seem promising… But the reality is utterly painful, and the future of the victims is abysmal. Such is the recent incident where fake admission letter causes deportation of 700 Indian students in Canada.

Each year thousands of people apply to Canada for the purpose of studying, working, travelling, visiting, or settling there. But when we compare the number of applicants applying for a Canada visa to the number of people getting visa approval the number is considerably lower. This is because of fake agents/consultants/firms acting out as genuine, legit and credible immigration advisors. Acting out with their honey trap schemes of helping you move to Canada. And eventually getting you a visa rejection, running away with your money or getting you convicted/deported in Canada.


Breaking News: 700 Indian international students face deportation from Canada in Education Fraud

In a recent shocking incident, fake admission letters cause deportation of 700 Indian students in Canada. The details of the current catastrophic event are as the following:

  • 700 Indian international students in Canada have received deportation letters from Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).
  • Also, most of the students came into trouble at the time of applying for a Canada PR visa.
    • This means the applicants completed their study programs, got Work Permits, gained relevant work experience and went on to apply for a PR visa.
  • It is during the document investigation process that CBSA noted that these 700 international students submitted fake college admission letters. As a result, the basis of their study visa approval earlier was illegal. This resulted in them receiving deportation letters from CBSA.
  • As per further investigation, it was found that all international students took the services of Education Migration Services in Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • All applicants contacted the now-closed fake immigration firm for a Canada study visa. And availed the services of conman Mr Brijesh Mishra.
  • Each student paid up to 16-20 lakhs (approx. CAD 26,643 – 33,245) for all expenditures excluding air tickets and security deposits of any kind.
  • Looking at the scale of free services, visa first payment later policy, and a promise of admission into a reputed college like Humber College, Canada, the clients paid the lump sum in all faith.
  • All 700 applicants moved to Canada on a study visa between 2018-2019. But the fraud came to light when they applied to IRCC for permanent residency in Canada.


How did a fake/unlicensed immigration consultancy cheat 700 international students with a Canada study visa?

Mr Brijesh Mishra, the mastermind behind the entire large-scale immigration fraud has been operating his dark schemes through his unlicensed immigration firm – Education Migration Services in Jalandhar, Punjab for the past 10 years. The motto that attracted young minds and their parents to him was the philosophy of ‘Visa First, Payment Later’.

Move to any nook and cranny of Punjab, and you shall find rows upon rows of immigration offices/set-ups, and people offering immigration advice without taking any money first. Education Migration Services is a fine example of such mal practises. Where people applied for a Canada student visa via illegal practises. And now face strong legal action from Canada against them.


To understand how Mr Brijesh Mishra was able to execute such a large-scale Canada Education Fraud read below:

  • The said party offered its clients the promise of admission into the reputed Humber College, Canada.
  • To do so, he forged admission letters to the said college. However, upon landing in Canada, he asked the Canada study visa holders to either wait for the next semester (6 months) or apply to a different college, as all the seats for Humber college had been filled.
    • To further, strengthen their belief in them, he returned the Humber College admission fee submitted to him.
    • As a result, most of the applicants with renewed faith applied to the secondary Canada private college suggested by him. And enrolled in a 2-year diploma course in the new lesser-known Canadian college.
  • Further, after completing their study programs, getting work permits, and gaining work experience; applicants submitted their Canada PR visa application to IRCC.
  • IRCC investigated the basis on which these applicants had earlier received a study visa. And found the college admission letters to be fake.
  • But Mr Brijesh Mishra (Education Migration Services) smartly made all its clients sign their visa application files. And never once used his signature. To show that all 700 applicants were self-applicants. As a result, it now shows that these 700 Indian international students never hired the services of said immigration firm. And are now being convicted of forgery and face legal action for the same.
  • In addition, CBSA refuses to hear pleas that these students are innocent. Because the fake immigration agent smartly made all the applicants appear as self-applicants. As he was forging documents to get them visa approval.
    • As a result, technically one can not hold Mr Brijesh – Education Migration Services liable for the Canada education fraud.
  • Alas, the only legal option left for these students is to challenge the deportation plea whose proceedings can take up 3-4 years. Also, the expense of holding up such a case via an immigration lawyer is an expensive affair too.


What are the types of fraud unlicensed immigration firms/agents commit?

This is the first time in Canada that a large-scale scandal like ‘Fake Admission Letter Causes Deportation of 700 Indian Students in Canada’ has popped up. However, when we look at the immigration industry such large-scale scams, fake promises, swindling money, and unlicensed malpractices are quite common.

All because everyone wants to move to Canada as soon as possible. And why not Canada each year selects more than 432,000 applicants for Canada PR visa. In addition, it is the top destination among international students, skilled workers, businesspersons etc to immigrate to.

If we look at the current incident, the unlicensed immigration agent delivered what he promised. He got 700 international students’ Canada study visa approval. But what is the use of going through such illegal channels and practices? Because as they face deportation, their study visa is invalid and so is their study and work experience gained along with it.

As a result, their time spent in Canada is of absolute waste. And in addition, now they face legal charges which they will have to expensively fight to avoid strong legal action.


Time and time again IRCC stresses the need for hiring Immigration Consultants/Firms that are CICC licensed. Because these are the people who are authorised by the College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants (CICC) to offer immigration services. Anyone else who offers such services is not permitted. And are the root cause of scams such as ‘Fake Admission Letter Causes Deportation of 700 Indian Students in Canada’. 

In addition, to the fake admission letters, fake immigration agents/firms/consultants go way deeper to forge documents such as:

  • Fake Retainer Agreement (between client and fake immigration consultant/firm)
  • Fake College Admission Receipt
  • Fake Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  • Fake Income Tax Return reports
  • Fake Canada Job Offer Letter
    • Conducting fake interviews
  • Fake IELTS reports
  • Fake Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports
  • Fake Police Clearance and Medical Reports
  • Fake Visa Approval Letters from IRCC.

The list of documents such agents produce is infinite and scary. This is why one must always check the authenticity of the immigration services provider. Due to such practices available in the immigration industry, Canada is now strongly rechecking all paperwork once an immigrant enters Canada.


A fine example of the above is international students submitting fake IELTS reports to get a Study/Work/PR visa. As a result, Canadian immigration authorities are now taking immediate IELTS assessment once an applicant enters Canada. Because it is difficult to prove whether an IELTS report is fake or not. And to be sure immigration officers are making Canada visa holders re-take the IELTS test in Canada.

In short, do not lose your dream of successfully settling in Canada by taking the services of fake immigration consultants. To know the ‘right from wrong’, and how you can choose the right immigration consultant for yourself read – Steps to choose the right Canada Immigration Consultants.


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