Extend your work permit with a Quebec Selection Certificate

Extend your work permit with a Quebec Selection Certificate

Do you have a Quebec Selection certificate and are working in Quebec? If yes, then you may qualify to extend your work permit while your Canada PR application is processing. Also, you will no longer need to get an LMIA approval.

Besides, as per your condition, you can renew your work permit.

Have applied for Canada PR

If you have applied for PR when your Canada work permit expired then you can apply for renewal as per IRCC’s Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR). As a result, you can further apply for Canada’s Bridging Open Work Permit.

Have not applied for Canada PR and Or have an AOR

If the above condition applies to you then you can apply for an employer-specific work permit, LMIA exempt. But only if you have a CSQ.

How to extend your work permit with a Quebec Selection Certificate? And get a closed work permit.

As per the CSQ, you can qualify to apply if you meet the following terms:

  • Are a Post Graduate Work Permit holder.
  • Have a Study Permit and a Co-Op Work Permit.
  • Also, if you have a work permit as per programs such as:
    • International Experience Canada (IEC)
    • Working Holiday Program
    • Young Professionals Program
    • International Co-Op internship
  •  Or have a closed work permit.

However, to claim the same you must have CSQ under the 24 months validity period. If not, you must have applied for Canada PR before CSQ expired. Besides, you can only apply if you are living and working in Quebec. And have a valid work permit or qualify to renew the same.

Who can not apply as per this new immigration update?

You can not apply to get a closed work permit as per your CSQ if:

  • Are trying to apply for the same at the Port of Entry (POE).
    • Because you must be physically in Canada to apply.
  • Applying for open work permits including spouse or common-law partner.
  • If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur you qualify for a different LMIA-exempt work permit.
  • The job offer is different from what is listed on the CSQ.

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