Extend Canada Work Permit

Extend Canada Work Permit

Now apply to extend your Canada work permit if your work visa is about to expire or you want to change the conditions on it. But you must apply to extend Canada work permit at least 30 days before it is to expire.

Who can apply to extend a Canada work permit?

One can apply for an extension of a Canadian work permit if:

Employer Specific Work Permit

  •  The job period is extended.
  • Certain changes are there to the current job such as:
    • Change in pay.
    • New responsibilities
  • Have received a new job offer.
  • Wish to work with a new employer.

Besides, you can not work for a new employer or have a new job unless you have a new work permit with new conditions.

Open Work Permit

Anyone who has an open work permit may be able to extend it. But only if they qualify to work on an open work permit in Canada.

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How to apply to extend a Canada work permit?

To apply, you must submit a complete application with all supporting documents. Also, all applicable charges must be duly paid for.

After applying for an extension on Canada work permit

If you apply online, then you will get a WP-EXT letter (except PGWP) which can be used to continue working in Canada if you are eligible. Also, this acts as proof that you have permission to work under the same conditions as the original work permit until the application will be in processing.

Besides, you can also keep working past the expiration of this letter if the conditions of your work permit are the same. But until the application will be in processing.

Approval of Extension of Canada Work Permit

Once IRCC approves to extend Canada work permit, the applicant will get the following:

  • Either an extension on a current work permit or,
  • A work permit that has new conditions such as:
    • Type of work one can do.
    • The employer one can work for.
    • And the location of work.


Expiration of Canada Work Permit

If applied to extend your work permit but it expired, the applicant has:

  • Maintained its status in Canada.
  • Can continue working without a permit until IRCC decides on the application.

Besides, the applicant can continue working on the same conditions as the current work permit.

  • Applied for another work permit but the current permit expired, the applicant has:
    maintained its status in Canada.
  • However, the applicant must continue working for the employer listed on the current work permit.
    • Also, the applicant must work until IRCC makes a final decision on the application.

If applied for a study permit or a visitor visa the applicant must continue to work until their work permit expires. In case the work permit expires then in such a case the applicant must stop working. And if the applicant applied for a study visa, then they need to wait for the final decision on its application from IRCC.

If the work permit expires before applying to extend or change conditions on the work permit:

Stop working immediately, if currently in Canada and if:

  • Work permit expired before applying for:
    • Study permit
    • New work permit
    • Staying as a visitor
  • violated the terms and conditions of your work permit.

However, in such a case Canada allows applicants to apply to restore status as a worker in Canada.