Express Entry Q3 2021 issues 109696 ITAs

Canada breaks another immigration record as the Express Entry Q3 2021 issues 109696 ITAs

As the September month ends, we see Canada reach an all-time high as the Express Entry Q3 2021 issues 109696 ITAs. Canada’s most popular PR pathway breaks another record again. As in the 3rd quarter of 2021, Canada has selected a total of 109,696 applicants for permanent residency in Canada.

2020 made history despite the global pandemic. Because it selected a total of 201,000 applicants. And this was the reason why Canada chose to raise its Immigration Levels Target 2021 to 401,000. On the surface level, this did seem like a big move in terms of immigration. However, the influx of immigrants made it clear that it was a great move to make.

As a result, in Q3 2021 the statistics share the following details:

Moreover, up till now in 2021, Canada has issued a total of  109,696 ITAs
. But this could have been only possible because of Canada’s need and commitment to get foreign skilled workers.

Canada is rightly termed the land of immigrants. At a global level owing to its multiple pathways for immigration and involvement in humanitarian causes, the country is deemed as the best to live in. A testimony hundred and thousands of immigrants moving there can share. It is a well-known fact that Canada’s has a growing old age population. As a result, the economic growth falls on the shoulders of the youngins. To shoulder same Canada needs skilled labour.

Budget 2021 Canada proposes an investment of $101.4 billion. Foreign immigrants turning PR holders to reap benefits too.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland shared Canada’s fiscal budget for the year 2021. In the Budget 2021: A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience, the minister highlighted the investment of $101.4 billion into the Canadian economy. Such an investment into various economic sectors will help in the growth of Canada’s GDP.

Besides, owing to the Covid-19, Canada has been facing labour market shortages. And is experiencing a continuous strain on the economy of Canada. The budget is a well-balanced plan to facilitate the growth of Canadians, PR holders, businesses, and other key areas of growth.

The need for foreign workers is evident from the continuous rise in the issuing of ITAs and the fall in the CRS score as set by IRCC. The same is clear when drawing a comparison between Q3 2021 & Q2 2021.

Canada Express Entry System 2020/2021 – Analysis and comparison of ITAs issued


  • 2020, sees issuing of 22,600 ITAs.
  • Whereas 2021 sees a hike of 21,524 ITAs making the 2021 Q1 figure reach a total of 44,124.


  • 27,300 ITAs issued in 2020.
  • In 2021, ITAs are up by 17,291. A total of Q2 2021 figures reach 44,591 ITAs.


  • Canada issues 28,450 ITAs.
  • 2021, sees a fall of 7469 ITAs. Whereas the Q3 2020 figures were at 28,450.

Analysis and key remarks

  • 2020 was a record-breaking year for Canada. As it set the positive immigration trends for 2021.
  • 2021 climbs higher than the past 2020 performance. Assuring the faster process of Canada PR applications.
  • Also, we can see the selection of applicants for permanent residency in Canada going up.
  • Canada Express Entry 2021 draws to keep issuing a higher number of ITA. But we can see the CRS score to be lower as well.
  • Canada 2021 budget reflects growth, recovery, and the dire need for foreign skilled labour.

In short, Express Entry Q3 2021 issues 109696 ITAs. And we can expect a promising figure from the ongoing Q4 2021. The country’s immigration framework and policies only foster a higher selection of applicants for Canada PR. 

If you want to submit a Canada PR application for a better future tomorrow, then do so now. because looking at the above comparative details it is clear what Canada wants. It wants you; if you have the right skills for the right job.

The Express Entry Q3 2021 issues 109696 ITAs. But Canada will only go higher. So, make the most of the current time. And apply with the Best Canada Immigration Consultant – Global Vision Immigration.

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