Express Entry July draws to select up to 3200 to 4500 people

Express Entry July draws to select up to 3200 to 4500 people

Canada is resuming Express Entry draws for all programs from July 2022. To do the same it is sharing new updates to fast track the processing of new Express Entry PR pathway applications. As a result, we should expect occupation centric draws and processing of Canada PR applications within 6 months.

In addition, the news of Canada mirroring pre-covid Express Entry draws is also pouring in. Now, what does this mean for people who are in the Express Entry pool? Or the ones who will apply for permanent residency in Canada via the Express Entry (EE) System?

The answer is looking at EE draws before Mar 18, 2020, IRCC on average selected a total of up to 3200 to 4500 people. So, when the July 2022 EE draws begin, we can expect the same. Now, this means Canada will hold periodic draws with no scope of pausing or lowering the selection of applicants. And owing to the huge application backlog we can also expect Canada to issue a huge number of ITAs.

Similar, to 27,332 ITAs issued under the CEC category on Feb 13, 2021.

Mar 16, 2020 – Canada closes its borders.

Upon closing its borders, Canada began to hold frequent Express Entry PNP draws, and Express Entry CEC draws. However, on Dec 23, 2020, IRCC held its last Express Entry all program draws. But continued to issue ITAs under the EE PNP and CEC categories.

This change aimed to admit applicants within Canada as permanent residents. So, Canada could meet its immigration levels target of 2020. Despite the pandemic, Canada was able to break its immigration levels target and select a total of 405,000 applicants.

May 06, 2021 – Canada implemented temporary to permanent residence program

This program closed on Nov 06, 2021. And the program aimed to convert temporary residents in Canada to permanent residents.

The stream offered Canada pr to applicants applying under the following streams:

  • Workers in Canada: health care
  • Workers in Canada: essential, non-healthcare
  • Recent international graduates from a Canadian institution
  • Health care workers (French-speaking) in Canada
  • Essential, non-essential health care workers (French-speaking) in Canada
  • Recent international graduates (French-speaking) in Canada

Sep 14, 2021, IRCC holds last Express Entry CEC draw

Canada paused all CEC draws after Sep 14, 2021. This was because IRCC realised that there was a huge pile of visa applications. Also, it was taking more than the standard processing of 6 months. As a result, the pause on FSW and CEC draws was bound and required to happen.

April 2022 Honourable Minister Sean Fraser announce resuming of Express Entry CEC and FSW draws in July 2022

Immigration minister honourable minister Sean Fraser to ease the backlog of applications and fast track the selection of applicants announced the resuming of the FSW and CEC category draws. This is to help Canada meet its Immigration Levels Target 2022 of 431,654.

In addition, the minister has shared that the upcoming draws will also focus on in-demand occupations while selecting applicants. And will be resuming processing of Canada PR applications within the set standard of 6 months.

As a result, we can expect Express Entry July draws to select up to 3200 to 4500 people.

So, looking at the above changes if you too wish to move successfully to Canada then you must apply now! Even though Express Entry July draws to select up to 3200 to 4500 people. Apply now and get Canada PR soon.

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