Express Entry Human Capital Priorities OINP draw issues 1179 ITAs

Express Entry Human Capital Priorities OINP draw issues 1179 ITAs

As per the latest Ontario Immigration updates, we see 1179 applicants qualifying in Sep 28, 2022, OINP Human Capital Priorities draw. The Express Entry Human Capital Priorities OINP draw issues 1179 ITAs. And to qualify, applicants needed a CRS score of 496 or more.

Besides, applicants who have an ITA in this draw created their Express Entry (EE) profiles between Sep 28, 2021, and Sep 28, 2022.

In addition to matching the cut-off, to qualify applicants must have work experience in 1 of the targeted tech occupations:

  • Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174)
  • Computer engineers (NOC 2147)
  • Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)
  • Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 2172)
  • Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)

As we can see that the current draw is an OINP Tech draw. So, applicants with targeted tech profiles have an ITA. 

If you have an NOI for OINP nomination then it is because you have:

  • Firstly, have an active EE profile.
  • Secondly, applied to 1 of the EE sub-streams:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Also, meet Human Capital Factors.
    • Age
    • Education
    • Language Skill Level
    • Work Experience
  • Besides, have a qualifying CRS score of 496 or more.

After getting a Notification of Interest (NOI) for nomination, you must submit your PNP application. Ontario will process your application and give Provincial Nomination Certificate. After you get a nomination against your EE profile, you will get an extra 600 CRS score in the EE pool. As a result, your CRS rank goes up majorly. Ensuring you get an ITA for a Canada PR visa soon.

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