Entrepreneurs Apply Now for a Canada Start Up Visa

2022: Entrepreneurs Apply Now for a Canada Start Up visa

Canada’s business dynamic is favourable to entrepreneurs who wish to start and or run a business in Canada. Being the second-largest country by mass with a population of 38.23 million opens various profitable channels.

Besides, with Canada’s neighbouring USA, Mexico keeps steady and profitable business connections. Also, being considered the top favourite of immigrants due to reasons such as but not limited to safety, security, high paying job opportunities, excellent study quality, clean and healthy environment, endless government perks for Canadians and permanent residents etc.

Such attractions are the pulling factors for immigrants choosing to settle in Canada. And not forget that Canada opens up on a global level from a business point of view. And as any aspirant or a business person, one would want to make their business global.

This is exactly the reason why opting for a Canada business visa in 2022 is the need of the hour.

As a business person, you will get a pull from Canada being the 10th largest economy. At a whopping 1.73$ trillion nominal GDP Canada is a business hub for the global market.

So, stop thinking Entrepreneurs apply now for a Canada Start Up visa.

What is the need to apply for a Canada start up visa?

Canada in 2022 is in dire need of skilled workers. And we all are aware of the current ongoing – the economical slowdown, pausing of express entry draws, immigration slowing down due to covid etc.

But on the contrary, we also see countless measures employed by the federal government to curb such issues. And since the 19th century (the great migration) which is the reason for the existence of Canada, the country understands the need for innovation, and the need to consistently fuel, fund and grow its economy. And who could be the driving force other than immigrants – skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Canada needs immigrant entrepreneurs who have the passion, skill and driving force to start and run a successful business in Canada. Now, what is Canada benefiting from this transaction?

Canada by offering Canada PR to immigrant entrepreneurs can:

  • Create a global business space.
  • Create job opportunities for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • Make a mark in the global marketplace.
  • Add special skills such as tech innovation to the existing business market.

But Canada in turn offers multiple benefits to entrepreneurs who choose to enter Canada via the Start Up Visa Program.

Benefits to entrepreneurs for getting a Canada Start Up Visa

Entrepreneurs apply now for a Canada Start Up visa – Reasons that will compel you to apply now!

1. Global outreach – Engaging more than 2 billion consumers

Canada offers you exclusive trade access via its international trade agreements. This means you can benefit from Canada’s international ties with other countries such as the U.S.A, Mexico, European Union etc. 

This makes infiltrating the market of these countries very easy. And gives direct access and opportunity to tap into the market of these countries. Other than that, Canada being a household name due to its over the top streak in immigration is now the top choice for immigrants,  business aspirants and businesses alike.

So, you can surely expect yourself from engaging in international business willing to establish business ties with your business. Such international transactions and the very ease of access are more than enough for you to want to apply.

2. Canada’s economy strengthening every year

Even though there are still the outgoing effects of covid on the economy and the labour market of Canada the country still stands strong. And with an invigorating force is admitting immigrants who can grow its economy and meet its growing labour market needs.

However, the slowing down of the Canadian economy in 2021 is a benefit for entrepreneurs. You must be questioning why and how?

Because the economy is now showing profitable projections. This means it is on the rise, so it is the right time to benefit from a growing economy.

So, be it starting a new business or expanding your business in Canada, apply as soon as possible.

3. One of the best-skilled labour force calls Canada its home

Canada in 2021 ranks seventh on the list of countries with the best-skilled labour force. And why not people from all across the globe are moving to Canada.

So, when you are starting your business in Canada you have the finest skills at your disposal. And you will be able to run and maximise your profile by hiring such highly skilled immigrants. As a result, you will be able to select the best from the existing talent pool in Canada.

4. Tax rates favourable for the growth of the Canadian corporate sector

Entrepreneurs apply now for a Canada Start Up visa because your biggest worry of corporate taxes will not haunt you in Canada. And this is one of the prime factors why entrepreneurs are choosing to call themselves Canadian entrepreneurs.

The tax bracket in Canada unlike in other foreign countries is not scary. It does not put a financial strain on your growing business(es). As a result, by the end of the financial year, you have enough profits to survive, sustain and grow in the Canadian business market.

Besides, on an international platform, Canada’s corporate taxes are the lowest. Not just this, the country keeps revising the same to offer flexible trade opportunities.

Entrepreneurs apply now for a Canada Start Up visa in 2022

To further concrete your decision, here are quick key points that will benefit your business in Canada:

  • Canada offers the best infrastructure in the world. Be it any province or territory you will find a state of the art buildings to house your soon to be flourishing Canadian business.
  • The federal government offers assistance to entrepreneurs planning or starting their businesses in Canada. This means you will always have access to the best tools and resources to successfully establish and run your business.
  • Increase in profit due to neighbouring first world countries and multiple international treaties.
  • In comparison to other first world countries the cost of running a business in Canada is lower. And the scope of profitability is higher.
  • As an immigrant entrepreneur, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. And you can also get your family members to settle in Canada.
    • Further, you can apply for citizenship in Canada. To know about the perks of the same click here.
  • Canada is home to an abundance of resources which will be all at your disposal. This includes natural resources, skilled labour force, and favouring provincial and territorial policies.

Terms to apply for the Canada Start Up visa

To apply to the Canada Start Up Visa Program you must meet the following terms:

  • Have a qualifying business.
    • Each applicant (up to 5 members) must hold 10% or more of voting rights in the business, and
    • Applicant(s) and the designated organisation must together hold a total of 50% voting rights in the organisation.
    • Also, after getting a PR visa for Canada, the business must be run and incorporated in Canada.
  • Must have a letter of support from a designated organisation in Canada.
  • Also, must have a minimum language skill level of CLB 5 in English/French.
  • Must have enough funds to support yourself and family members (if any).

If you meet the above terms then you successfully qualify to apply.

In short, entrepreneurs apply now for a Canada Start Up visa, under the watchful eye of a CICC licensed Canada immigration lawyer.

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