Australia News: Fluency in English can be beneficial for Job seekers in Australia

Job Seekers Australia

Majority of Australian Believes the Importance of Spoken English Skills a must for foreign Nationals in Australia. Especially, Applicants who are Job Seekers Australia. 

In a recent Survey finding, nearly 3 quarter of Australians believes a certain set of skills is a must if a foreign national is planning to move as Job seeker in Australia. As per the survey, there are multiple factors for deciding the Skills Sets of Immigrants.

There are 3 major factors which are important:

  • Job readiness.
  • Understanding Australian cultural values.
  • Good spoken English Proficiency.


To enumerate, 65% of Australians voted for Understanding Australian cultural values, whereas 51% of Australians voted for Good Spoken English. To clarify, every 5th Australian citizen believes that good Spoken English was the most important quality in migrants.

Surprisingly, religion and country of origin were the least important issues among Australians. As they faired merely, 18% and 11% respectively.

Importance of English Skills Among Migrants including Job Seekers Australia

The Australian government is considering to introduce value test, in order to check English proficiency skills. Population Minister Alan Tudge said, “there is a constant rise of non-English speaking migrations”. He also gave a figure of nearly 1 million people in Australia who don’t speak English. Notably, in 2006, there were 16.4% non-English speaking migrants, which rose up to 40% by 2018.

Though the government already conducts English skills for some migrants, it varies from visa to visa. To point out, Migrants on skilled visas and student visas already must give English skill test. However, the spouses and the families of the migrants don’t have to give any English test.

On a positive note, the government offers up to 510 hours of free English lessons for eligible migrants with poor English skills, but the percentage of migrants joining the course is quite low.

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