Easy way to change Visitor visa to Work Permit in Canada

Easy way to change Visitor visa to Work Permit in Canada

Canada ranks as the top choice for skilled workers for career growth and settlement opportunities. However, the word ‘visitor visa’ seldom echoes with the need for a Canada job and later settlement purposes. But such is not the telltale of the past. Because Canada offers an easy way to change Visitor Visa to Work Permit in Canada.

As a result, you have the option to skip the long visa processing queues. And get a quick Canada Visitor Visa approval. Also, you can easily and in a shorter time change your visitor visa to a work permit in Canada.

Such an alluring aspect of Canada is like honey to the flies. Canada is now seeing a large number of people who seek overseas job opportunities that lead them to options to earn higher, flourish in their careers and later choose to settle in Canada.

Thus, an applicant who wishes to make, earn, and receive the best of life without delays must apply for a visitor visa and later change it to a work visa in Canada.

Before embarking on a life-changing journey it is better to understand what you are getting yourself into. Thus, you must have a clear understanding of the stages of converting a Canada visitor visa to a work visa.


Why apply for a Visitor visa?

Before applying you must also know what you can do as a Canada Visitor Visa holder:

  • Enter Canada as a visitor visa holder.
    • The processing period of this visa is lower in comparison to other visa types.
  • Look and apply for a job in Canada.
    • One can not begin working in Canada with a valid visitor visa. As it is illegal to do so.
    • However, you can seek job opportunities and apply for the same in Canada.
  • Join short-term educational courses.
    • You can enrol in a study program that is less than 6 months in duration.
    • This program must not be a part of a degree or diploma of more than 6 months.
    • The educational institution is not a designated learning institution (DLI).
    • You must also be able to finish your program before your visitor visa expires.
  • Perform business activities such as:
    • Attend a business conference.
    • Expand clientele and engage in networking without directly entering the Canadian labour market.
    • Engage in buying and sale of goods and services on behalf of a foreign company.
    • Enter a training program for your career growth on an invitation from a Canadian company.
  • Extend your visitor visa.
    • You get a visitor visa for 6 months. If you want, you can apply for extending the same as well.
  • Apply to change your visitor visa to work permit in Canada.
    • This is the best benefit of holding a Canada visitor visa as a job seeker. 
    • Because after getting a Canada job you can apply for a Canada Work Permit.
    • However, you must note that the current benefit is temporary,
    • Because this Canada policy expired on Feb 28, 2025.


Understanding how to change a visitor visa to work permit in Canada

Step 1: Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa

To begin with, you need to submit a complete and error-free Canada visitor visa application. In addition, you must make sure that you attach all required supporting documents. 

Forgetting any document or even a minor error can extend visa processing time or worse result in rejection. Thus, even the Canadian government advises to take the services of a CICC Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant.

These licensed and authorised Canadian consultants can help you file a visitor visa application that has a higher chance of approval.


Step 2: Enter Canada and apply for a job

Post visitor visa approval you can begin your search for a Canada job. To do the same you can take the help of:

  • Online job search platforms such as:
    • Job Bank Canada
    • LinkedIn
    • Glassdoor
    • Indeed
    • Govt websites (Provincial/Territorial)
  • HR Consultancy in Canada – Reduce the workload of job search.
  • Expand your network.
  • Connect with existing employees in your field.
  • Take reference from friends, family and known.
  • Attend job fairs to raise job prospects.


Step 3: Apply to change visitor visa to Work permit in Canada

Once you successfully land an LMIA-approved Canada job offer, you can apply for a Canada work permit. The process from here on becomes easier. You need to submit a complete visa application to change your visitor visa to work permit in Canada.


Step 4: Begin your journey as a Canadian worker 

Finally, you have Canada work permit approval. And can now work towards achieving your career goals and dreams. Besides, post getting a minimum of Canadian work experience you can apply for a Canada PR visa.

This way you can work towards permanently settling in Canada. And can build your life, grow your family, and live in peace and abundance. Just like you always dreamt of.


Fast track the change of visitor visa to work visa in Canada – Apply With GVI!

Seeking Licensed and Authorised Visa Assistance

Successfully going through the legal complexities of the Canadian immigration industry can be hard. However, if you take legal visa assistance and guidance from a CICC Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant then your chances of both a Canada visitor visa and later Canada work visa approval are higher.

They can help you with:

  • Visitor/Work visa process.
  • Eligibility requirements.
  • Documentation assistance.
  • Complete and error-free visa filling and submission.
  • Checking with Canadian immigration authorities for application updates.
  • Majorly reduce the chances of visa rejection or delays.
  • In addition, help with securing an LMIA-approved Canada job offer through their network.
  • In future, help with a Canada PR visa and later citizenship.


Global Vision Immigration – Your one-stop solution to overseas opportunities!

At GVI we have been helping countless clients to study, work, settle, travel, visit or do business in Canada. Be it any visa category we have assisted and secured visa approval for our clientele. Each case is carefully studied and handled legally and systematically to ensure maximum chances of visa approval.

So, if you wish to apply to change your visitor visa to work visa in Canada then having a CICC-licensed Canadian Immigration Firm is the best choice to make. We have been producing successful visa results since 2006. So, we are a name you can always bank on.

Want to know how we can help you make a swift move to Canada? Start by taking our Free Assessment. You can also Contact Us to connect with a visa expert now.

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