Does Canada need Food Service Supervisors on Work Visa?

Does Canada need Food Service Supervisors on Work Visa?

2023 is the year of reformation for Canada. A new immigration strategy with a yearly immigration level plan to boost immigration is to meet Canada’s labour market challenges. But what future do you have in Canada? Will you be able to earn as you desire when you move to Canada on a visa?

Canada has a high demand for foreign skilled workers. Such needs arise from the ageing population and lack of skilled Canadian workforce. To compensate the same Canada approves visas for such a talent pool. Did you know that the healthcare and hospitality sectors have the highest job vacancies? 

In this blog post we will assess, “Does Canada need Food Service Supervisors on Work Visa?.” Also, details on how to apply for a Canada Work Permit for the job position of food services supervisor.


2021-2031 Food Service Supervisors Job Projections

Does Canada need Food Service Supervisors (FSS), Yes. As per the table below, we can get a rough estimate of job vacancies for the post of FSS in Canada. The 2022 COPS report shares the following data:

NOC Code Year Job Projections
62020 – Food Service Supervisor 2021 67600
2022 75600
2023 78600
2024 81700
2025 83700
2026 85400
2027 86200
2028 87100
2029 88100
2030 89000
2031 90000


Looking at the above-estimated data, we can see a rise in job vacancies. And be mindful that this is 2022 compiled data before the new strategies and plans were introduced. As a result, we should expect these numbers to jump high in real time. 

Canada always had a high demand for foreign professionals in the country. As the renowned melting pot of cultures, it has to keep up with this image. For this, it incorporates food, colours, and art of people from all over the world. 

Indian cuisine followed by Chinese is the top cuisine in demand in Canada. Thus there is a strong rise in new restaurants, pop-up bars, and cafes, which require the hiring of skilled workers. So, it is right to say the demand for FSSs on a work visa is high.


Canada needs Food Service Supervisors on Work Visa. But what is the role of a FSS?

When coming to Canada it is important to understand how Canada hires its foreign skill talent. The country has a National Occupation Classification framework that assigns a 5-digit NOC code to all occupations.

The goal of this is to make sure that the right skill is aligned with the right job profile. As a result, your skills, and work experience must match the information in the NOC code of your job profile. If not, you will not be permitted to work in the Canadian job profile.

An FSS must match the job requirements under NOC 62020 before applying for a Canada Work Visa.


Food Service Supervisor – NOC 62020 

As the name suggests an FSS supervises staff that prepares, portions and serves food to clients. They can either be working in a hospital, healthcare institutions, cafes, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and or food establishments.


FSS Job duties

Canada does need Food Service Supervisors on a Work Visa. But you must be able to do the following:

  • Create work schedules and processes for staff.
  • Supervise staffing cooking, plating and serving customers.
  • Keep inventory checks and order supplies.
  • Keep sales records, wastage, repairs, stocks etc.
  • Be responsible for training staff members as per their key responsibility areas.
  • Create food summaries for the chef. This can be as per dietary recommendations, special requests, hospital diagnoses, customer demand etc.
  • Match and maintain the standard of quality and safety standards.
  • You may also have to be part of staffing, policy building, budgeting etc.
  • You may also develop menus, decide on labour costs etc.


FSS List of job profiles

Under NOC 62020 – FSS occupation the following profiles are listed:

  • Cafeteria supervisor
  • Canteen supervisor
  • Catering supervisor
  • Food service supervisor


Please note the following job profiles do not come under FSS:

  • 65200 Food and beverage servers – Banquet captain
  • 64300 Maîtres d’hôtel and hosts/hostesses
  • 60030 Restaurant and food service managers
  • 72024 Supervisors, motor transport and other ground transit operators – Mobile canteen service supervisor 


How much will a FSS get wages across Canada in 2023-2024?

Moving to Canada on a work visa? Make sure your prime need to earn high in dollars is being met. As a Food Service Supervisor, the following are the wages you can get across Canada:

Canada needs food service supervisors on work visa - wage rate table shows higher payscale


The above data is from Statistics Canada as updated on Nov 22, 2022. Besides, by the end of the month, we should be able to see fresh updates on the same.

As one can see Canada is offering a handsome pay to FSSs in 2023. However, one can not forget the recent news of Canada raising the wages of all occupations by up to 3.6% in 2o24! Read moreHERE!

So, you are in luck if you wish to work in Canada in 2024! The current time is the best time to make a culinary career in Canada!

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