Do not make these 10 mistakes when applying for Canada Visitor Visa

Do not make these 10 mistakes when applying for Canada Visitor Visa

Are you planning to enter Canada in 2024 on a visitor visa? If, yes then unlike others you do not make these 10 mistakes when applying for a Canada Visitor Visa. As you have already decided to apply, you would know that you can either get a multiple-entry or single-entry visitor visa.

As the name suggests multiple entry allows you to enter and exit Canada as many times as you like. Whereas single entry gives only one-time entry access. A visitor visa is valid for 10 years. However, the final validity is set by IRCC. Getting a visa refusal from Canada is not uncommon and often people make the silliest yet most expensive mistakes. A small error can lead to a waste of time, and money and cause visa refusal.

This is why you should know which mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada visa. Follow the Do not make these 10 mistakes when applying for Canada visitor visa list to know more.


1. Showing the right supporting documents

This is very important for Canada visitor visa applicants to focus on. Often people will just google, and or follow chatbot advice and will not know which document is necessary for their application. You may use a search engine for answers but IRCC use human resources to assess your profile and make a final decision on it.

You will get a list of documents but which form is to be filled, which is just adding unnecessary weight to your application, which statements to show, is there any extra document that you do not have online that needs to be put, all such things are important to know.

Documentation differs as per your purpose of your visiting Canada such as:

  • Tourist
  • Business reasons
  • Family reasons
  • Compassionate reasons

Thus, always double-check your documents and if need be seek professional help to avoid any mistakes while applying for a Canada visitor visa.


2. Immigration officer doubts your intentions

This is another strong reason for Canada’s visitor visa refusal. This is why you must share complete travel details, invitation letters, hotel bookings, family connections and any other document that proves that the intention of entering Canada you show is true.

This way you will be able to clear any doubts before they even arise in the immigration officer’s mind.


3. Lack of connection with home country

This section often comes as a surprise and also IRCC does not share on what grounds it is exactly refusing the Canada visitor visa. So, on the do not make these 10 mistakes while applying for a Canada visitor visa list, you must add as many documents as possible. This can be employment history, pay stubs, experience letters, owning property and or proof that you have liability towards family members.

Such things show your strong connection to your home country. And helps in leading the visa officer’s decision in your favour.


4. Funds requirement

As the name says, you show proof of enough funds for your travel and taking care of yourself in Canada. For this, you can show bank statements, job offers, letters from employers verifying your employment, or any type of sponsorship you have.

Such documents help you to show that you have enough money to take care of yourself in Canada. And you will not become a burden on Canada’s resources.


5. International Security Concern

In the immigration industry, a lot of fake agents and unlicensed consultants will tell you to hide information. Guess what, they even go the the lengths of creating documents for you. One should listen to how easily they can play with the emotions, and dreams of countless clients knowing that doing so is illegal.

So, if you have a criminal past or seek refugee or rehabilitation status you must be honest about the same. Never hide an information and always have an immigration consultant to handle such cases. For they are licensed and are aware of ways by which they can represent your case to immigration authorities.


6. Health concerns a risk to Canada

Another mistake people make is not providing enough proof of good health. It is an investment not an expense. So, you must give proof of medical past, vaccinations, and a letter from a designated healthcare practitioner to avoid any chnace of visitor visa refusal.

You must also be aware of the deadline for the validity of medical results, appointment timelines etc. So, you can give enough proof to the visa officer to decide in your favour.


7. Criminal history

On the do not make these 10 Canada visitor visa application mistakes, criminal history is known by all. However, a lot of people do not know that there is a degree to which Canada can overlook past criminal history. However, for this, you need a licensed immigration consultant. Because visa officers of any country are very strict towards such issues.

So, you must share all legal evidence that speaks positively for your visa application. A licensed immigration consultant will guide you on the documentation and will rightly represent your case in front of visa authorities.


8. Refusal due to no or less travel history

To avoid this mistake you can show documents that prove your good character. When it comes to overstaying in a country due to any political, medical, or social reasons or any other change in your condition etc. You should give ample proof of the same. So, the visa officer will not reject your Canada visitor visa application.

You can not overstay in a country if your visa expires or you do not have legal permission. To show the overstay issue you can show valid documentation perhaps visa extension process proof, or conversion of visa. Also, show proof that you meet all immigration laws of the country where you overstayed.


9. Illegal stay in the home country

It is very important for you to not have any illegal stay or residence issues in your home country. As such reasons can result in quick visa refusal. So, you must give solid proof of residence, and visas/permits to the same. In case you have any such issues, you must resolve it before you apply for a visitor visa.

Because the Canadian immigration authorities are very strict with such misdemeanours. And will not review a profile again in such cases. So, you must ensure to avoid such mistakes altogether.


10. Misrepresentation

Do not make these 10 mistakes while applying for a Canada visitor visa list is now sharing the most important mistake people consciously make. People under the influence of search engines, and fake consultants, often feel why not misrepresent, use fake documents, and hide information; but this is the biggest mistake you can make.

You may apply from one end of the world, but Canadian immigration authorities or any other country’s immigration department can sniff out such smartness. Do not go by false promises because if you are caught your visa will be rejected and you may face high fines, jail or a permanent ban from ever entering Canada on any visa.

So, will you make such a big mistake and ruin your future? Obviously no, thus always consult a CICC-licensed Canada immigration consultant. At GVI we offer you the right, legal and best visa and job assistance for Canada.

In short, take our Free Assessment and forget about making 10 mistakes while applying for a Canada visitor visa. Contact Us to know more.

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