DLIs to mandatorily verify Letters of Acceptance for international students

DLIs to mandatorily verify Letters of Acceptance for international students

Canada as promised is now working on strengthening international students’ integrity by taking strong measures to safeguard their interests. As per the 2023 update, Canada established the first stage of the 2-tier Trusted Institutions Framework. DLIs to mandatorily verify Letters of Acceptance for international students from now on. This is great news for international students who are applying to study in Canada.

As per the new enforced establishment, Canada has an online portal where all Designated Learning Institutions (Canadian colleges and universities) will have to verify the Letters of Acceptance (LOA) international students submit.

However, the DLIs will have 10 working days to verify whether these letters are issued by them or are fake. Also, if DLIs miss the verification date then they will no longer have access to do the same again.

Such a drastic matter comes into action due to the tarnishing image of the Canadian education framework at the hands of ghost/unlicensed immigration agents. A fine example of that is the removal order issued against 700 international students whose LOA letters were found fake after years of being in Canada.

However, the Canadian government realised its mistake and reversed the disciplinary action to evict these international students. But the question remains if the integrity of foreign students coming to Canada is safe or not. Because fake consultants lure Canadian education aspirants and loot them of their money, career and future.

This is the reason why now DLIs will mandatorily verify LOAs for international students. So, IRCC knows who has a valid and legal letter of acceptance from a Canadian college or university. Also, this will save students from fraud and face long-term legal issues in future.


Safety, Security Assured with DLIs mandatorily verifying Letters of Acceptance for Canada Study Visa

In 2024, do not let Canada study visa measures disappoint you. Updates such as verification of LOAs by DLIs and the rise in students’ GIC funds requirement to CAD 20,635. All such measures are to safeguard your interests when you come to Canada to study. 

In addition, everyone is hearing about the housing crisis. So, did you know the GIC funds requirement for Canada has not changed for the past 10 years? Yes, this is why there is a rise in funds needs. Because as time passes the cost of things in Canada also goes up.

If you have a good amount of money then you can take good care of yourself and your needs in Canada. As a result, you will not have to break your back doing 2-3 part-time jobs to support yourself each month.

In short, it is better to take advice from people who are in Canada. And who has been helping countless students move to Canada since 2006. Be it their Post Graduate Work Permit and or permanent residency in Canada, we cover it all. From your college/university admission to housing to PGWP to settlement to jobs, GVI offers a complete Canada package.

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