Demand for immigrants increasing due to high vacancy in Canada

Canada seeks skilled workers as demand for immigrants increasing due to high vacancy in Canada.

Canada has had a dreadful 2020. Because of Covid-19 and it affected all key economic areas. Due to the minor pause in Canada immigration, the country is struggling with filling its main occupations. As a result, immigrants are now up for a treat. And as always Canada is looking forward to immigrants to regrow its economy. Thus, now we have a high demand for skilled immigrants in the Canada immigration sector.

The reason for this demand is because of Canada’s age-old problem. The issue is of a growing ageing population and a low number of young people. Thus, the country fears that its lack of care of the elderly, and empty job positions will heavily affect the economy. So, to tackle the same, the country eased all its immigration regulations. Also, it started taking a large number of applications for PR. As can be seen from the past year’s draw. With each draw, the CRS was going low and ITAs were rising.

Besides, in the current situation, Canada may be a bit stable. But the need for skilled labour is now more than ever. And the following are the in-demand jobs for immigrants in 2021:


Top in-demand jobs for Immigrants – 2021

1.      Cooks/Chefs/Butchers 8. Front desk/Admin Assistant
2.      Registered Nurses 9. Sales and Customer Service
3.      Software Developer 10. Sales Associates
4.      Electrical Engineer 11. Project Manager
5.      Accountants 12. Merchandiser
6.      Financial Advisors 13. Electrician
7.      HR Manager 14. General Labourer

Demand for immigrants increasing due to high vacancy in Canada. Apply for Canada visa & then Job.

Canada is looking for you, but do you know how to get noticed. As the demand is at an all-time high. And anyone and everyone is applying for Canada Visa & then a job. And why not, because Canadian employers mostly prefer applicants who already have a Canadian Visa. As it reduces their hiring cost. But when, where and how to apply for Canada Visa first and Job next”.

Besides, no worries, Canada offers multiple ways to get the Canada visa of your choice. The most popular being the following:

  • Express Entry (EE) System
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In short, Canada is welcoming you. So, all you need to do is apply the right way. Because 1 small error can break your Canada dream. Apply now and get an easy Canada visa.

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