Dec 15 OINP Tech draw issues 668 NOIs

Applicants selected from Human Capital Priorities Stream where Dec 15 OINP Tech draw issues 668 NOIs.

In the latest draw, Dec 15 OINP Tech draw issues 668 NOIs. Also, the applicants were selected from the Human Capital Priorities Stream. To qualify the applicants needed a CRS score between 460 to 468. And were selected from the following targeted occupations:

  • Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174)
  • Computer engineers (NOC 2147)
  • Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)
  • Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 2172)
  • Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)

But to qualify the applicants must show eligible work experience in 1 of the above occupations.

You must meet the following terms to qualify in an OINP draw:

  • Meet the Human Capital Priorities Stream terms such as:
    • Have an active Express Entry profile.
    • Apply to 1 of the EE streams such as FSW or CEC.
    • Have Canadian education credentials or an ECA report.
    • Have qualifying work experience as per either FSW or CEC stream.
    • Minimum language skill level of CLB 7 or higher in English or French.
    • Have minimum settlement funds.
    • Intend to live in Ontario.
    • Have legal status in Canada (if applicable)
  • Also, have work experience in eligible NOC occupations.
  • Finally have a CRS score of 460 to 468.

Besides if the EE profile gets a nomination from Ontario then you will get an extra 600 CRS score. 

Dec 15 OINP Tech draw issues 668 NOIs whereas the last Oct 15 OINP draw issued 772 ITAs. But the CRS score dropped by 2 points. Overall, the current draw did select 104 less profiles, but we can expect this number to go up. And the CRS score will be the same or will slip down.

So, apply now for Canada PR.

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