#CollisionConf :“Immigration playing a major role in Canada’s thriving technology sector.”- Trudeau

#CollisionConf News: “Immigration playing a major role in Canada’s thriving technology sector.”- Trudeau

#CollisionConf News: In a conference named Collision held in Toronto, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed hundreds of attendees. To enumerate, Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in North America. The collision has become the conjecture point for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology.

The Collision Conference is a four days event. To point out, this is the first time collision has been organized in Canada.

Trudeau said that Canada’s openness to immigrants is resulting in the thriving of the Canadian technology sector. He further said that he hopes that the Canadian population will view the immigration process positively.

“Canada has become a major source of tech throughout the world, and due to which it is attracting entrepreneur to the North American nation”. Said Trudeau.

#CollisionConf News: Role of Canadian Resilient community in Immigration

Trudeau said, that accessing talent is a process which comes from training and educating Canadians, which also include migrants.
Furthermore, he said that the Canadian government’s investment in education and research is the prime reason for the success of Canadian companies and startups.

He also made reference to the US immigration policy.  He said that the US is tightening the immigration process, whereas Canada is open to more immigration.

Trudeau said that the three is a huge amount of anxiety around the world regarding immigration. However, the Canadian community is more adaptable to immigration. He said by immigration, Canada gets better innovation, a better solution, therefore, resulting in the flourishing of the Canadian economy over the past years.

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