Childhood educators to be paid higher at $23.86 in Ontario from 2024

Childhood educators to be paid higher at $23.86 in Ontario from 2024

The hotspot of Canadian immigration Ontario is in the news for a profitable update for foreign immigrants. Childhood educators to be paid higher at $23.86 in Ontario from 2024. This new update from Ontario brings in waves of happiness for childhood educators (primary teachers) in Ontario and others who wish to settle in Canada in 2024.


This news comes after Canada is viewing a 3.6% raise in wages for all occupations across Canada – Read more HERE! Now Ontario too is raising the hourly wages bar. Besides, this is a raise from $20 per hour last year to $23.86 in 2024. However, the initial plan was to raise the wages to 20$.


Such an attempt will support the federal government’s $10-a-day program. As per the 2021 government plan, the country is:

  • Firstly investing 30 billion dollars until 2025.
  • Secondly, post the same, it will invest 9.2 billion dollars each year.
  • Also, the new system is to reduce the cost of daycare by 50% for foreign immigrants.
  • So, this plan benefits young families with reduced daycare costs.
    • Thereby, helping young mothers to successfully transition to fulfilling careers in Canada.


As per the government data, the Early Childcare Educators are in high demand across Canada. The shortage of the same has led to the closure of many daycare centres. Canada understands the value of daycare centres. An investment of $1 in childcare will get returns of $1.50 – 2.80$.

So, the new attempts to attract foreign-trained childcare educators to settle in Canada. Canada is paying Childhood educators higher wages at $23.86 in Ontario from 2024. Apply Now!

In short, make the most of this golden opportunity. Become a highly paid primary school teacher in Canada. Apply for a Canada PR Visa.

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