Canadian Employers Hiring Foreign Workers More Now

Canadian Employers Hiring Foreign Workers More Now

The year 2022 is the year of growth for Canada. As the country is making every effort count. And why not?

Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic the country has been facing labour shortage and application backlogs. Such is the effect of it that Canada in 2022 has more than 874,700 vacant job positions to fill.

Also, the age-old issue of Canada is literally the age factor. Canada’s population is dominated by people in the old age bracket. This means that the people in this group are on retirement or are going to retire soon. And their absence is going to create empty job positions in Canada. To solve this problem, Canada needs young workers. However, Canada’s young generation ratio is also low.

Thus, it has no option but to do mass hiring of overseas workers. Because they need to meet its growing labour market shortage. And make sure their economy is growing at a steady pace. Because the unemployment rate in 2021 was at 5.4% and continues to grow (statistics Canada report).

This is the reason why – Canadian employers hiring foreign workers more now. Further, despite the need for temporary overseas workers, Canada is staying true to its goal of admitting 431,645 as permanent residents of Canada.

If you want to work abroad and more than work in Canada, then apply now.

Work in Canada – Multiple pathways to choose from!

To work as an overseas worker in Canada you will need a Canada work permit. A work permit for Canada will give you the permission to work and earn a high scale pay in Canada.

Also, to apply for a Canada work permit you will need a job offer from a Canadian employer. A Canadian employer can choose to give you a:

  • Permanent Canada job offer
  • Temporary Canada job offer
  • Internship Canada job offer

But, to give you a job offer a Canadian employer will first need an LMIA approval from the federal government of Canada. In case your job is LMIA exempt then a Canadian employer does not need an LMIA approval.

To hire a foreign worker from overseas, all Canadian employers need to prove that:

  • No Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available to fill the empty job position.
  • The foreign worker being hired matches the job requirements.

Once the employer gets the LMIA approval then it can hire a foreign worker. And will give the positive LMIA report to the overseas worker so they can apply for a work permit.

However, in case you have a Canada job offer which is LMIA exempt then in that case the employer does not need to get government approval. It can hire you directly and you can apply for a Canadian visa to work in Canada.

Need a Canada work permit? Know which one to apply for?

Canadian employers hiring foreign workers more now. Do you know which work visa for Canada applies to you?

As an overseas worker you can apply for 1 of the following work permits for Canada:

  • Employer specific work permit.
  • Open work permit.

Canada Employer specific work permit

An employer-specific work permit or closed work permit helps foreign workers to work under one employer and job position. As the name says, you can work for the employer who is on your work permit. You can not change your employer/job position till your Canada work visa is valid.

Canada Open work permit

With this visa, you can work for any number of Canadian employers till your visa is valid. But to get the same you must meet some specific terms and conditions.

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Canada issued a total of 420,000 Canada work permit visas through the International Mobility Program (IMP) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Canadian employers hiring foreign workers more than ever. But why get a Canada work permit?

  • Quick and easy way to enter Canada.
  • Become an employee of a Canadian company.
    • Earn dollars in a high pay scale job.
  • Work experience gained in Canada will expand your job profile onto a global platform.
  • Work in an immigrant-friendly, safe, and multicultural work environment.
  • Get your family members to Canada.
  • Later, settle in Canada permanently.
  • Finally, become a Canadian citizen.

Looking at the above attractive prospects you should apply for a Canada work permit. As Canadian employers hiring foreign workers more now, right now is the best time to submit a work permit application for Canada.

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