Canadian Citizenship Perks of Getting One

Canadian Citizenship Perks of Getting One!

Each year, a mass of success hungry immigrants enter Canada in the pursuit of a haven. A haven that offers comfort, joy, and the highest pleasure a luxurious and successful life can offer.

This is also the reason in 2021, Canada offered Canadian permanent residency to 405,000 applicants. But have we ever thought that how many out of them move to become Canadian citizens? In a similar fashion to the PR visa confirmations, Canada has a large number of applicants applying for and receiving Canadian citizenship.

There are multiple benefits when you are a PR status holder. But why citizenship is the next milestone in the journey of an immigrant. Because as PR holders they anyways benefit from the multiple add-ons that come with it. So, why specifically move towards becoming a Canadian citizen.

There are various reasons for the transition from a Canadian permanent resident to a Canadian citizen.

Canadian Citizenship Perks of Getting One – Top 5 Reasons

No hassle to renew your status

As we are aware the validity of a Canada PR visa is 5 years. Thus, before your pr visa expires, you must apply to IRCC for renewing your PR status. But if you fail to do so then you will lose your valid status in Canada. And Canada will ask you to leave the country on an immediate basis.

Why take such a drastic risk. Because when you apply for and get citizenship your status in Canada is permanent. This means you do not have to renew your citizenship.

And you can continue to live your life at ease and in luxury without the stress of getting a removal order from Canada. Besides, as a PR holder, you just need to live in Canada for 1095 days. After that, you qualify to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Better job opportunities

Now, this might come as an alarm to you. Because Canada is deliberately getting foreign skilled workers to fill their vacant job positions. So, in such a case why will Canada show a difference in the hiring of a PR holder and a Canadian citizen.

Now we must not take this to the heart. Because there are certain government job positions and positions that need high-security clearances. Thus, in such a case a Canadian citizen is given first preference.

Risk of losing your valid status in Canada

On a Canada PR visa, you have limited validity. Even though the 5-year term might not seem less, but it too will need renewal. And failing to do so will land you in serious trouble leading to you leaving Canada.

This risk will continue to haunt you until you remove this stress giving factor. And the only permanent solution is to become a citizen of Canada.

Getting the right to vote in Canada

Canadian Citizenship perks of getting one and the best one is that you can vote in elections. Now you must wonder why to chase such a notion. Now we all know that Canada runs on the intellect and earning power of foreign immigrants. So, there are people from different parts of the world who add to the labour market and the growing economy. 

Therefore, Canada is also called a melting pot of all cultures. Now in a foreign land what is the one thing that gives your voice strength. And also compels the power holders to listen and meet your needs. It is the power of democracy and the tool of voting.

As a Canadian citizen, you can voice your needs. And work towards the betterment of your community. Make sure that your haven stays heavenly for you and the upcoming generations.

Getting a Canadian passport

Do you know Canada’s passport ranks number 5 on the Passport Power Rank 2022? This means on a Canadian passport you can travel visa-free to 105 countries. And in the other 50 countries, you will get a visa on arrival.

Canadian Citizenship Perks of Getting One concludes with Canada also offering dual citizenship. But it depends on whether your country of birth recognises the same or not.

If not, then you will have to choose which country’s citizenship you will be keeping.

Canadian Citizenship perks of getting one are limitless

You are already leading a dream life on your Canada permanent residency visa. So, why not make your dream an unbreakable reality. And continue to live a life of utmost peace, growth, luxury, and safety.

And the first step toward becoming a Canadian citizen is to have a Canada PR visa. Do you want to be called a Canadian citizen? Earn in dollars and grow tremendously in knowledge, career, and finances?

If your answer is yes, then why not start by taking our Free Assessment. This way you can check your eligibility to apply for the same.

How and who can get a Canadian Citizenship?

To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must meet the following terms:

  • Have a valid Canada PR status.
  • Have lived in Canada for a minimum period of 3 years (1095 days) within 5 years.
  • Also, before applying your taxes for a minimum period of 3 years must have been cleared.
  • Besides, if you are between the age of 18 to 54 then you must:
    • Have a language skill level of CLB 4 in English/French.
    • Pass Canada’s citizenship test.
  • However, if you have a criminal history in or outside Canada then you may not be able to apply.

If you meet the above terms, you can apply to IRCC for citizenship. You will then be asked to give a citizenship test and interview (as and when applicable). After clearing the same you will be sworn in as a Canadian citizen. And you will get your citizenship certificate.

As we see Canadian Citizenship perks of getting one are limitless.

Be it a Canada PR visa or Canadian citizenship. We at Global Vision Immigration (CICC licensed Canadian Immigration firm) can successfully guide you on the same.

Apply now. Contact Us to know more.

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