Canada to select 23100 applicants under upcoming PGP 2022 draw

Canada Immigration: Canada to select 23100 applicants under upcoming PGP 2022 draw

The maple leaf country is yet again holding the famous Parents and Grandparent (PGP) Program draw. And is going to select 23100 from the autumn 2020 pool. As per IRCC, Canada is to select 23100 applicants under upcoming PGP 2022 draw but there are up to 155,000 applications in the pool.

As per past draw details, we know the following:

  • 2020: 10,000 PGP applications approved.
  • 2021: 30,000 PGP applications approved.
  • 2022: 23,100 applications may have approval.

However, owing to the history of Canada’s immigration draws we always see a rise in the selection of applicants. And besides, the goal of IRCC is to accept some 15,000 applications which will be an easy task for them.

But who can qualify to sponsor under the Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Program?

Canada to select 23100 applicants under upcoming PGP 2022 draw. But what is the PGP Program? The PGP program helps permanent residents and Canadian citizens to sponsor their parents and grandparents. This way they can come to Canada and stay with the sponsor. This is because Canada understands and values the bonding and togetherness of a family. And how being away from your family takes a toll on you and your life. Thus, Canada always promotes family reunification.

Programs like PGP are the country’s efforts to bring family members together. So, if you wish to get your family to Canada to live with you then you must meet the following terms:

  • Are a minimum of 18 years of age or more.
  • Are living in Canada.
  • Also, are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or Indian under the Indian Act.
  • Besides, have enough money to support the family members you are sponsoring. Your funds must match the minimum funds’ requirement.

However, for the upcoming PGP lottery, the sponsor must have submitted their interest to sponsor form online between Oct 13, 2020 (12:00 P.M ET) and Nov 03, 2020 (12 PM ET).

Get your family members to Canada! Apply now for the Parents and Grandparents Program. Did you know that parents and grandparents may also qualify for Canadian SuperVisa? If they do, they will be able to stay in Canada for a total term of 10 years (5yrs + 5yrs).

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