Canada to receive up to 753000 international students in 2023

Canada Study Visa: Canada to receive up to 753000 international students in 2023

The Great White North country expects 753000 international students to pour in in 2022-2023. In a recent response to the CIMM committee, IRCC shared details of how it intends to support existing and upcoming international students in 2022-2023.

But why did CIMM create a report on international students’ dynamics in Canada? Why is the CIMM asking IRCC to respond to the issues about international students in Canada? The CIMM is a Canadian body that studies immigration and citizenship, keeps a close eye on IRCC and its activities, and ensures the multiculturalism policy stays intact.

Canada to receive up to 753000 international students in 2023. But before IRCC could delve into the incoming projection the CIMM report raised some crucial issues. It shared that even if Canada is a global leader in overseas education, one can not rule out the scope of discrimination and vulnerable space that some international students might face.

The report in details asks IRCC to share updates on the following objective:

  • Firstly, attracting and retaining international students.
  • Secondly, make sure that the International Student Program functions fairly and impartially.
  • Also, making sure there is transparency and clear communication in the study permit and permanent residency in Canada process.

IRCC then further responded to the above aims. And shared details of the same.

Canada to receive up to 753000 international students in 2023. But how so?

Canada is planning to welcome 753,000 international students in 2022-2023. But how is it preparing to welcome such a big number? The answer to the same as in the updates IRCC is sharing such as:

Working on increasing the inflow of international students

  • Expansion of the Student Direct Stream to cover certain French-speaking, Asian, and African countries.
    • So, they can benefit from the quick and easy processing of study visas.
    • Set up a group between MIFI (Quebec) and IRCC to check, note, and study the study visa refusals. Especially in the case of francophone students in African countries who wish to study in Quebec.
    • Also, work on the Nigeria Student Express (NSE) stream. So, to check and see the present scope of the stream for applicants applying for a study visa from Nigeria.
    • Besides, working on smooth international students to permanent residents transition.

Ensuring international students get fair and impartial treatment whilst applying for a study visa

To aim at an impartial approach towards international students IRCC proposes the following:

  • Inclusion of questions relating to race, gender, and accessibility by client interaction and engagement.
    • This is to learn of the challenges that international students face whilst applying and during the processing of their study visa application.
  • Create a DDAF framework to better understand how a specific demographic group is affected by a particular policy or event.
  • Studying patterns in relation to demographic groups to ensure the social well-being of such groups.
  • Review the policies, instructions and terms for the selection of international students. Focusing on the selection of applicants with a prime focus on potential.
  • Working on improving client interaction and services.

Strengthening IRCC staff and ensuring overall improvement in services and communication with international students

The CIMM report asked IRCC to share how they are working on transparency and clarity in application processing timelines and visa refusal. For this IRCC updates the following:

  • The hiring of 1250 IRCC staff to fast-track the collection of student data. And help in better processing of Study Visa applications.
  • Continuing the effort in terms of the 2022 pilot program. Where at the time of the application decision immigration officers shared notes with some of the temporary residence visa applications.
  • Strengthening the connection with DLIs for better collection and use of student information.

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