Canada sees rise in Express Entry invites to 3725 in new draw

Canada sees rise in Express Entry invites to 3725 in new draw

The higher selection of PR visa applicants and fall in the CRS cut-off is the hype of the new Express Entry General draw. As Canada sees rise in Express Entry invites to 3725 in new draw. With a CRS cut-off requirement of 500.

This is a positively visible response to the last Sep 26, 2023, Express Entry draw. And whilst comparing the same we can see:

  • Firstly, the ITAs are up by 725 points.
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off is lower by 4 points.


The current draw is the 16th Express Entry (EE) General draw in 2023. And looking at the past draws the:

  • Mar 29, 2023: Highest 7000 ITAs issued. But the CRS cut-off is the lowest up till now at 481.
  • Sep 19, 2023: ITAs issued are 3200 but the CRS cut-off is the highest at 531.


2024 Express Entry a hit amongst foreign skilled workers

Thus, upon considering all the facts, we can surely see the current draw in a better light. And see it as a projection of a rise in the selection of applicants for PR visas and a fall in the CRS cut-off.

Express Entry (EE) System is the most popular Canadian immigration pathway. In comparison to other 200+ programs, Express Entry helps you get a PR visa in 6 to 12 months. However, to do the same you must first create an online Express Entry profile. Secondly, this must be under the FSW, FST or CEC category. After this, your profile enters the EE pool, where it is given a CRS rank out of 1200.

The ranking system helps Canada select potential PR applicants with the highest rankings in periodic EE draws. Currently, IRCC holds 11 types of EE draws. If you qualify, just like the 3725 applicants, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. However, post getting an ITA the real battle begins.


This is because to ensure your chances are bright of visa acceptance you must:

  • Submit a complete and error-free application.
  • Provide proof of all information shared such as age, education, work experience, language skill level, medical, criminal records, and proof of funds.
  • Ensure all documents are factually correct and not forged.
  • Documents must be translated if not in English/French.
  • You must have legal funds to show financial stability to IRCC.
  • Make sure you match the EE category eligibility criteria.
    • Applying to the category that does not suit your profile or you do not qualify to apply for is a mistake.
  • Seek the help of a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant for a smooth Canada immigration process.


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