Canada PGP to invite 37500 Parents and Grandparents for PR from May 21 2024

Canada PGP to invite 37500 Parents and Grandparents for PR from May 21 2024

Breaking News: IRCC announces that it is all set to select parents and grandparents under the PGP program. Yes, Canada PGP to invite 37500 Parents and Grandparents for PR from May 21 2024

IRCC also clarifies that it is selecting applicants from its 2020 pool. This means applicants who applied in 2020 to sponsor will be selected for Canada PR from May 21 2024. Canada is targeting to select up to 37,500 parents and grandparents.

Besides, did you know this is the fourth year, that IRCC is selecting applicants from the 2020 pool. Also, the PGP is a lottery system. Applicants selected as sponsors will start getting invites from May 21, 2024. 

The process of inviting 37500 parents and grandparents should be complete in two weeks. However, IRCC also speculates that it will be able to select 20,500 parents and grandparents for PR.


How can Parents & Grandparents get Canada PR via PGP?

Canadian Sponsor Requirements

Parents and grandparents under PGP can get Canada PR if they have a sponsor. IRCC from May 21, 2024, will issue invites to 37,500 parents and grandparents sponsors.

Besides, to become a sponsor from Canada you must meet the following terms:

  • Firstly, apply to become a sponsor.
  • Secondly, be 18 years of age or older.
  • Also, you must be living in Canada.
  • Besides, you are:
    • Either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or
    • a registered Indian under the Canadian Indian act.
  • Have enough money to support your family members.
    • You must show proof of income (for past 3 years) as shared in the table below:
Family size 2023 2022 2021
2 people $44,530 $43,082 $32,898
3 people $54,743 $52,965 $40,444
4 people $66,466 $64,306 $49,106
5 people $75,384 $72,935 $55,694
6 people $85,020 $82,259 $62,814
7 people $94,658 $91,582 $69,934
For 7+ people add for each extra member $9,636 $9,324 $7,120
  • If you meet the above terms, submit an interest to sponsor form to IRCC.


Invitation to Sponsor Parents and Grandparents for PR under PGP

Under Canada PGP, IRCC selects potential sponsors who wish to get their parents and grandparents to Canada. After getting an invitation:

  • You must apply to become a sponsor.
  • Whereas your parents and or grandparents must submit sponsorship and Canada PR visa application.

After receiving the applications IRCC will process the same. Finally, successful parents and grandparents can immigrate to Canada on a PR visa.

Is there an alternative visa route if parents and grandparents do not get PR invitations under Canada PGP?

If you do not get an invitation to sponsor parents and grandparents under Canada PGP, worry not. Because Canada also has the Parents and Grandparent Super Visa or Super visa pathway.

This is like Canada PGP, with differences such as:

  • Canada PGP offers PR visas to parents and grandparents.
  • Whereas Super Visa offers multiple entry visitor visas to parents and grandparents.
    • Also, the validity of the Super Visa is 10 years.
    • Visa holders can stay in Canada for 5 years a stretch per entry.
  • Canada PGP lottery happens once a year.
  • Whereas one can get a Canada super visa throughout the year.

In short, why stay away from your loved ones? Get your parents and grandparents to Canada on a PR visa under PGP or a visitor visa under a super visa.

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