Canada News: Canada sets a new record of job gains in the month of April 2019

Canada News: In a recent report by Statistics Canada,  1,07,000 new jobs given in April 2019.

Surprisingly, there was a reduction of 0.1 percent in the Canada unemployment rate.  To clarify, the unemployment rate was 5.8 in March, however, it became 5.7 in April. As per an online Canada news portal, Bloomberg said that the recent initiatives taken by the Canadian government are helping in the influx of new workers. Focussing Especially on immigrants aged 24 or below.

Notably, the employment gains were in the following Canadian provinces:

  1. Ontario,
  2. Quebec and
  3. Prince Edward Island.

In detail, out of 107,000 jobs. 73000 were full-time jobs. Similarly, 84,000 jobs were given in the private sector.

Furthermore, the reports mention the hike of employment opportunities to youth 15 to 24.

As an illustration, given below is the list of industries showing employment gains:

Industry                                                                                    Jobs Given

Wholesale and retail trade                                                    (+32,000)

Construction                                                                             (+29,000)

Information, culture and recreation                                     (+14,000)

Public administration                                                               (+9,000)

Agriculture                                                                                  (+7,000)

Canada News: Ontario becomes the province with highest employment gains 

Statistical Canada specifically notified the employment data of certain provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and New Brunswick.

To explain, In Ontario, there was a hike of 47,000 employment in April 2019. The main reason behind the employment rise was the gain in part-time work among people aged 15 to 24.

In Quebec, the employment increased by 38,000. Notably, there was a dip of 0.3 percent in the province unemployment ratio.

Similarly, in Alberta, the employment rose by as 21,000 in April.

However, New Brunswick was the only Canadian Province which reported employment decrease in April 2019, whereas the remaining Canadian provinces saw no surprising changes.

To conclude, year-over-year, there has been an addition of 4,26,000 new jobs the labor market of Canada. Now, due to stringent US visa policy, there is a sudden boost in the immigration filing process in Canada.

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