Canada Job Seekers Apply for Visitor Visa in 2024

Canada Job Seekers Apply for Visitor Visa in 2024

Dream to move to Canada to work and settle in 2024. But wish to make a swift move to enter Canada. As a foreign immigrant, your greatest concern is that of getting a job. Also, with endless fake and unlicensed agents scamming people, you can always be reluctant to invest a high amount of money in the visa process. So, this blog post is for dreamers like you. So, Canada Job Seekers Apply for Visitor Visa in 2024.

Canada by Sep 2023 had 737,530 job vacancies. And in 2024 it has around 650,000 empty job positions. But you must be wondering, when we are talking about getting a job then why mention a visitor visa? To understand the same, we must have answers to a few of the questions such as:


What is a Canada Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa helps a visa holder to enter Canada temporarily for a period of 6 months to 10 years. However, you can not work in Canada During your validity period. But there are certain things you are allowed to do while you are in Canada. This brings us to our second question which is:


What can you do on a Visitor Visa in Canada?

As a Canada visitor visa holder, you can do the following things:

  • Firstly, enter and stay in Canada (as per validity)
    • This will help you understand the job market, pay packages, and culture, and decide on affordability factors. So, you can make an informed choice about working and settling in Canada.
  • Secondly, search for a Canada job.
    • This way you can get to know your prospective employer.
    • Negotiate salary and other perks to your liking.
    • Physically get to know office premises and culture.
  • Also, after getting a job you can convert your visitor visa to a work permit.
    • As per the Canada immigration measure, you can convert your visitor visa to a Canada work permit until Feb 28, 2025. Earlier, you could not do the same.


In addition, to the above, you can:

  • Study in a short-term course (less than 6 months).
    • Study in a non-DLI for less than 6 months. Also, the course must not be a part of a bigger study program. Besides, you should be able to complete your course before your visa expires.
  • Do some business activities without entering the Canada job market.
    • This refers to buying goods and services for a foreign company, visiting a business site, getting training, and meeting people for business purposes/deals/transactions.
  • Extend your visitor visa.
    • in case you wish to stay longer in Canada then you can easily apply for a visitor visa extension.


Applying for Visitor Visa Best for Job Seekers in 2024

As a job seeker, you can easily enter Canada faster on a visitor visa. In comparison to other visa categories, the visitor visa processing timelines are lesser. Also, once you enter you can search for a Canada job that best suits your interests.

Once you get a job offer and you are in Canada, applying for a Canada work permit from inside Canada becomes easier. Such is the ease for job seekers who apply for a Canada visitor visa.

Moreover, after getting a work permit you can gain valuable work experience needed to apply for a Canada PR visa. Besides, as a family person, after getting a work permit, you can easily invite your partner on a Canada study visa or a visitor visa.

Now that you already have a job and earning more, it will not be a problem for you to unite with your family members in Canada.

In short, make your Canada dream come true. Job seekers apply for a Canada visitor visa in 2024. Start by taking our Free Assessment or Contact Us to connect with our visa experts TODAY! Apply With GVI!

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