Canada is launching new pathway under EMPP

Canada is launching new pathway under EMPP

Immigration Update: Canada is launching new pathway under EMPP. As announced by the honourable Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, we should all expect a new refugee program to be launched under the EMPP this summer. So, Canadian employers can now hire refugee employees with the skills they are looking for. In addition, this will help other displaced people to immigrate to Canada and get employment as per their skills and training.

 Canada always keeps its doors open to the world. As a country of values, principles and ethical integrity, its humanitarian activities span decades and are widespread all across the world. When some countries avoid taking in refugees for fear of their resources going low; Canada welcomes them with open arms.

And on this note, the launch of the new pathway under EMPP will benefit this humanitarian approach of the country.


Canada is launching a new program for refugees. But what is the purpose of having EMPP?

The Economic Mobility Pilot Program (EMPP) helps in the pairing of Canadian employers with the skilled refugees they need. So, this way Canadian employers can fill their job vacancies in Canada. Whereas refugees can safely live, work, and settle in Canada.

Thus, as Canada is launching new program for refugees, it will be to hire skilled refugees for in-demand job vacancies such as but not limited to:

  • Tourism and hospitality workers
  • Personal support workers
  • Teachers
  • Long-term care aids
  • Software engineers
  • Web designers
  • Mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians
  • Nurse aids
  • Truck and delivery service drivers

Besides, in the upcoming years, EMPP is going to expand. As of now, Canada is preparing to welcome 2000 refugees and displaced people in Canada in 2023.

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