Canada is fast tracking spousal visa applications

As per the latest immigration news, Canada is fast tracking spousal visa applications.

On Sep 24, the Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced that Canada is fast tracking spousal visa applications. This news comes in the wake of the current pandemic situation. And we can see this step as yet another positive step towards building and keeping families together in Canada. Also, as per the news, IRCC is adding 66% more decision-makers on spousal visa applications. Such news only adds joy to people who are away from their families and wish to have them in Canada.

In addition to the above, IRCC is looking at applying the following:

  1. Digitalising paper applications
  2. Facilitating biometric measures
  3. Piloting technology to conduct interviews remotely

Further, with such measures, Canada is all set to accept 6,000 applications each month. This shall start from October until the year-end.

Canada is fast tracking spousal visa applications to boost Family Class Immigration

Canada gives its permanent residents and citizens Canada Spouse Visa. This helps them to sponsor their family members to move to Canada by becoming a sponsor. Also, looking at the positive current news, if you want to sponsor your spouse/common-law partner/ conjugal partner then do it now. 

To become a sponsor you must meet the following terms:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or are an Indian registered under the Indian Act.
    • As a Canadian citizen, if you are outside Canada then you must agree to live in Canada. This applies when your family member becomes a permanent resident.
    • As a permanent resident, you can not sponsor a family member, if you are living outside Canada.
  • Can prove that you are not getting social assistance because of reasons other than disability.
  • Can meet the basic needs of the member you are sponsoring.
  • Besides, for Quebec, the applicant must:
    • Meet for the needs of the member they are sponsoring.
    • Meet the terms of the Sponsorship Agreement, and
    • Sign an undertaking with Quebec.
  • Have funds to sponsor the family member.

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