Canada In Demand Tech Skills To Be Called Via High Potential Tech Talent Visa

Immigration Update: Canada In Demand Tech Skills To Be Called Via High Potential Tech Talent Visa

2022 sees a huge labour market gap. As a result, the new update says that Canada in demand tech skills to be called via High Potential Tech Talent Visa.

Statistics Canada states that the country is facing a huge vacancy issue up to 874,700
. As a result, all sectors of Canada are facing a shortage of skilled workers. Canadian employers are currently not able to hire foreign skilled workers immediately.

Owing to this rise in demand, the Council of Canada Innovators (CCI) is approaching the federal government of Canada to introduce a new visa for tech skilled workers. The new pilot visa will make sure that foreign tech skilled workers can come to Canada without a job offer.

The CCI has shared 13 suggestions that will help in the growth of the tech sector. The details of the High Potential Tech Talent Visa are the following:

  • The visa will target tech skilled workers for the in-demand occupations.
    • This includes in-demand occupations such as software developers and data scientists.
  • Also, with this visa, you can work in Canada.
  • Besides, if needed, you can change your job on this visa.
  • Further, apply to get permanent residency in Canada.
  • However, the High Tech Potential Tech Talent Visa will be complementing the existing Global Skills Strategy.
    • Because it processes work permit applications within 2 weeks for in-demand occupations.
  • Finally, the proposed visa processing time is to be 48 hours.

CCI Talent and Skills Recommendations

The strategy report is divided into 4 sections where CCI has shared 13 suggestions. These suggestions aim to meet the labour market shortage in the tech sector. Thereby, allowing foreign high skilled workers to enter Canada without a job offer.

The following are the details of the same:

Coordination and Capacity Building

  1. Creating a national summit with representatives from both provincial and federal governments, and universities associated. The aim is to develop a coordinated skills labour shortage strategy.
  2. The application of a skilled talent lens to avoid increasing the high skilled talent gap in the labour market. Also, this lens applies to all government economic policies and programs.

Attracting Talent

  • Introduction of the High Potential Tech Talent Visa. because this will help in the selection of highly skilled workers for the most in-demand job profiles. Also, these applicants can come to Canada without the need for a job offer in hand.
  • Looking at the rise of remote workers introducing a Digital Nomad Strategy.
  • Due to the ever-changing nature of tech jobs in Canada, the government must revise and review the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • Under the Global Talent Stream ensuring ease of pathways to Canada permanent residency.
  • For Canada visa applicants the strategy is suggesting an expansion of identifying and recognising international credentials and other alternative credentials.
  • Ensuring a 48 hours visa processing timeline under the Global Talent Stream.

Generating Talent
  • Businesses developing and upgrading skills or retraining their workforce must get funding and support from the federal government.
  • Developing experiential learning; includes increasing the duration of co-op placements. Also, to do the same educational institution doing the same must get incentives for the same. So, the talent pool comes goes straight from the university to the companies.

Retaining Talent
  • Agreeing for a no change in the tax treatment of employee stock options. Because this will help high-growing companies get assurity and a boost in hiring foreign skilled workers.
  • New graduates working in Canadian companies must get a 12 month grace period on their student loans.
  • Suggesting a tax benefit for employers who are helping their student employer repay their loan.

Canada in demand tech skills to be called via high potential tech talent visa. And looking at the above strategy details we can expect a quick rise in the selection of applicants.

So if you have high skills in a tech profile then you can get a Canada visa for sure. And from the above article, we can see how much Canada needs applicants with high skills. As a result, you must apply as soon as possible.

Even though Canada in demand tech skills to be called via high potential tech talent visa the details on the same will be shared soon.

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