Canada Immigration Update Manitoba Issues 518 LAAs in New MPNP Draw

Canada Immigration update Manitoba issues 518 LAAs in new MPNP draw

Nov 17, 2022: Canada Immigration update Manitoba issues 518 LAAs in new MPNP draw. This is the highest number of Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) issued to qualifying applicants in a single draw in 2022. Also, applicants after getting a nomination from Manitoba will have 180 days to submit a complete and error-free Canada permanent residency application to IRCC.

Besides, out of the 518 LAAs, 125 applicants with a valid Express Entry profile and Job Seeker Validation Code have an LAA in this draw. The details of Nov 17, 2022, MPNP draw are as the following:

Skilled Workers Manitoba (SWM)

  • 177 applicants have an LAA.
  • The draw cut-off is 797.

International Education Stream (IES)

  • 198 applicants have an LAA.

Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

  • 143 applicants have a direct invitation under the MPNP Strategic Recruitment Initiative.
  • The draw cut-off for the same is 686.

MPNP Jan-Nov 2022 draw data

Further, to get a better idea of draw patterns and how the current draw is the highest in 2022, one can adhere to the MPNP draw details below:

LAA/Cut-Off LAA LAA/Cut-Off LAAs  (EE profile holders)
Jan-13-2022 357/459 33 53/711 443 97
Jan-27-2022 212/609 40 63/703 315 69
Feb-10-2022 202/615 40 31/705 273 68
Feb-24-2022 206/612 33 39/685 278 66
Mar-10-2022 50/781 36 34/718 120 33
Mar-24-2022 102/769 25 64/712 191 43
Apr-07-2022 156/739 34 33/683 223 30
Apr-21-2022 201/707 41 61/708 303 46
May-05-2022 249/651 32 34/691 315 48
June-02-2022 N.A 54 92/714 146 34
June-30-2022 186/773 79 83/711 348 59
Jul-14-2022 293/699 40 33/715 366 55
Jul-28-2022 299/633 41 15/726 354 56
Aug-11-2022 257/623 55 33/718 345 86
Aug-26-2022 259/619 36 58/708 353 79
Sep-08-2022 217/616 41 20/703 278 76
Sep-15-2022 388/613 41 7/726 436 150
Nov-17-2022 177/797 198 143/686 518 125
Total LAAs issued 3811 LAAs 899 LAAs 896 LAAs 5605 LAAs 1220 LAAs

Please note: The above table does not include MPNP Special Immigration draws data for Ukrainians.

The current draw is the largest up till now. However, the positive updates can be seen in comparison to the last MPNP draw of Sep 15, 2022. The updates on the same are:

  • SWM – 211 fewer applicants have an ITA. Also, the draw cut-off is up by 184 points.
  • IES – Here for the first time in 2022, this category has seen a rise of 157 points in the selection of applicants.
  • SWOSimilarly, the SWO category for the first time in 2022 is seeing 136 points rise in issuing of LAAs. But the draw cut-off is also up by 40 points.

Who can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

Canada Immigration update Manitoba issues 518 LAAs in new MPNP draw. Now you too can apply to Manitoba for a provincial nomination certificate. To do the same you can:

  • Firstly, create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile.
    • If applying under the MPNP SWM/IES/SWO sub-streams.
  • Upon applying your EOI profile will get a rank/score. This will become the basis of getting an LAA in MPNP periodic draws.
    • You will get an LAA if your EOI score matches or exceeds that of the MPNP EOI draw cut-off.
  • Further, you will have to submit a complete application for a PNP nomination from Manitoba.
  • An MPNP officer will assess your application and if found satisfactory give you a provincial nomination certificate.
  • Finally, after getting a nomination, you will submit a Canada PR visa application to IRCC within the set deadline.

NOC 2021 update: A Key point to remember when applying for an MPNP nomination post-Nov 16, 2022

Canada on Nov 16 implemented the National Occupational Classification 2021 ver. As a result, while applying for a Canada Visa after Nov 16, 2022, you must be careful to submit the right NOC code (5-digits) for your job occupation. The current update replaces the earlier NOC 2016 – Skill Level 0, A, B, C, and D and has implemented the TEER System: TEER 0, TEER 1, TEER 2, TEER 3, TEER 4 and TEER 5.

The NOC code plays a major part in your Canada Visa application. Thus, you must be careful while choosing the 5-digit NOC code for your job profile.

In addition on Nov 17, 2022, MPNP draw applicants have been selected as per the NOC 2021. So, applicants who qualify in this draw must have submitted their EOI profile by November 16, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Besides, the Manitoba Nov 14, 2022 update confirmed the above transition.
Also, the province plans to hold an SWO draw before Dec 31, 2022. And MPNP will assess the profiles keeping in mind the new NOC 2021 update.

Apply with GVI: One-Stop Solution to Your Overseas Dreams!

With Canada Immigration update Manitoba issues 518 LAAs in new MPNP draw, your chances of getting an LAA are high. The current draw is the biggest in 2022 and indicates positive results for the upcoming MPNP draws. And with Canada’s target to select 465,000 applicants for PR in 2023, applying now is the best investment to make towards your future in Canada.

However. to make the most of the positive Canadian immigration trends you must know all implemented and upcoming updates. But it is impossible to keep a tab on all immigration updates unless you are a CICC-licensed Canada immigration consultant/lawyer. And remember these updates can affect the final decision on your Canada Visa application.

Alas! Not all is lost. For you can always count on expert immigration advice from GVI’s Immigration Counsellors. Further, your visa application will be carefully curated and submitted under the guidance of a CICC licensed Immigration Lawyer.

Canada Immigration update Manitoba issues 518 LAAs in new MPNP draw. Now, you too can apply to settle on a PR visa in Canada successfully.

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