Canadian Provinces Saskatchewan And Quebec Eye New Immigration Targets

Saskatchewan invites 426 candidates under Canada Immigration’s Express Entry and the Occupation In Demand system.

The central province of Canada is important for growth of its economy and is inviting the candidates to fulfill its gap of skilled employees. 426 candidates under the Express Entry and the Occupation In Demand were invited in the 6th June draw as per the Canada Immigration.

Certainly, this draw saw the high number of invitations in January 19, this draw saw a total of 596 candidates receiving invitations.

This time 84 candidates under EE* system and 342 candidates under the in demand occupation received invitation.

Experienced Skilled candidates can apply for in-demand occupation.

Saskatchewan’s new migration rules is boon for Canada Immigration.

Earlier, the candidates received invitations based on the “First Come, First Serve basis” but now candidates must launch their profile in Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

Likewise, the candidates looking for opportunities have to enroll under the EOI* system.

Like Express Entry system, a person must score 67 points to be eligible for the PR*, and in the EOI the candidate has to score 60 points to get invitation into the province.

Factors like the age, experience, education, the language skills of the candidates are considered. The highest scoring candidates under EE System and the In Demand draw pool get the high priority.

Furthermore, the new rules came into effect on 21st August 2018, in which the 466 candidates got invites in that draw.

The CRS* score in that draw was 68 points.

As of today, the total of 14 draws have taken place since August 2018. The draw held on the 6th June 2019 saw CRS cutoff score at the 75 points. The Highest cut-off point was 83 on February 27, 2019.

Advantage of the state nomination is that it gives 600 points. The Canada immigration’s total CRS score is 1200 points. The candidate gets 50 points if they have the job offer already with them in the Canada.

The Canada Immigration regularly holds the draw and its points changes bi weekly. The recent benchmark points was the 470 points.

Quebec aims 52,500 new immigrants in three years.

Basically, the French speaking state, it aims to add the total of 52,500 new candidates by 2022.

The target of Quebec is to add 42,000 candidates in 2019. It aims to have at least 49,500 to 52,500 candidates in the next three years. Furthermore, it is planning to add 38,000-42,000 candidates in this year.

Its immigration system is not in line with the EE system and has the different process. Indeed, it has its own system of the immigration, in the August 2018, the new the EOI system was launched.

It closed the “First Come, First Serve” process under the QSWP*.Now, under the EOI program the candidate has to start his process through the Arrima portal website.

Notably, The state of Quebec judges its candidates on their age, the education, the work experience and the language skills etc.

Accordingly, 120 points are the new standard points now. The unmarried person gets 50 points. A married person must score 59 points with skilled spouse.

Also, the selected candidates gets QSC* and they can apply for the PR process.

To sum up, The Quebec Immigration official said “ The First Come First Serve process was not fulfilling the workforce requirements.”

He added “ the new system gives the skilled workforce which the province requires for its economic boost.”


QSWP- Quebec Skilled Workers Program

QSC- Quebec Skilled Certificate

EE- Express Entry

EOI- Expression Of Interest

CRS- Comprehensive Ranking System

PR- Permanent Resident

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