Canada Immigration Job Vacancies and Wages Higher in Second Quarter of 2022

Canada immigration Job vacancies and wages higher in second quarter of 2022

Statistics Canada’s latest report “Job Vacancy Q2 2022” shows that Canada currently has 997,000 empty job positions. This means more than 1 million job positions are unoccupied. And Canadian employers are desperately seeking skilled foreign workers for the same.

The report also highlights the following:

  • The job vacancy rate is 5.7%, meaning the demand for skilled workers is at an all-time high.
  • Besides, looking at the Q1 job vacancy report we can see that:
    • Job vacancies are up by 4.7% i.e., +45,000 in comparison to Q1 2022.
    • Whereas in comparison to Q2 2021 the job vacancies are up by 42.3% i.e., +296,500.
    • Also, in comparison to 2022, the labour demand is up by 4.2%. And payroll employment is up by 1.7%.

Looking at the report we can also see a huge rise in job vacancies in provinces such as the:

Q1 to Q2 Job Vacancies in Provinces

  • Alberta – 4.4% i.e., +100,900
  • British Columbia – 5.6% i.e., 163,600
  • Manitoba – 5.2% i.e., +29,300
  • Nova Scotia 6.0% i.e., +22,400
  • Ontario – 6.6% i.e., +379,700
  • Quebec – 2.4% i.e., +248,100

Apart from the above New Brunswick saw a fall in job vacancies (-6.1% to 15,200). Whereas as for the rest of the provinces very less to no change has been detected.

Job vacancies in various sectors

Canada immigration job vacancies and wages higher in second quarter of 2022. And the following areas have a huge rise in job vacancies:

Healthcare and Social Assistance

  • 136,100 job vacancies Q2 | Q1 – 135,300 | ⇑ 28.8% (+30,500 – yearly basis)
  • The job vacancy rate in this sector stands at 5.9% all over Canada.
  • Also, the job vacancy rate ranges from 3.7% (Saskatchewan) to 6.7% (Manitoba).
  • The overall rate for this sector is stable and mostly the demand remains the same. For example: 
    • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses – 23,600 vacant job positions.
    • licensed practical nurses – 10,800 vacant job positions.

This sector is seeing a huge demand due to a shortage of medical staff. Thus, relying on foreign skilled workers for needed support.

Accommodation and Food Services

  • Job vacancies up from 12.7% (+16,800) to 149,600 in Q2 2022
  • Overall demand stands at 3.6% (1,336,800).
  • However, due to fall in payroll employment -9.7% (-130,100), we see a jump in job vacancies of +110.2% (+78,400).
  • Besides, the Q2 2022 job vacancy rate is 10.9%. This is the highest figure in comparison to the same period in 2021.
  • There is a significant rise in empty job vacancies. And as per the data below, we can see how with each quarter the job vacancies are going up:
    • Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations – +29.8% i.e., 79,100 empty job positions;
    • Cooks – +37.7% i.e., 29,500 empty job positions.
    • Food and beverage servers – +38.9% i.e., 26,300 empty job positions.

With each quarter the job vacancies are getting higher and higher. So, looking at empty job positions for some profiles we can expect the demand to double up in the next quarter.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services – Records the highest number of job vacancies

  • Job vacancies were up by 74,600 in Q2.
  • The job vacancy rate is up by 7.9% in comparison to Q1 2022.
  • But the job vacancy rate is up by 79.1% in comparison to Q1 2020.
  • Certain occupations are seeing higher demand than the other profiles in this sector. And see an addition of the following number of vacancies:
    • Natural and applied sciences: professional profiles – +13.3% i.e., 51,100 and technical profiles – +9.6% i.e. 26,900.
    • Business and finance – +4.5% i.e., 30,300.

Little to no change in retail trade, construction, and manufacturing

Canada immigration job vacancies and wages higher in second quarter of 2022. But in comparison to Q1 2022, we see very less to no change in the job vacancies. The number of positions that remain unfilled. And the vacancy rate is constant and stable. Such as Retail trade – 112,700 | Manufacturing – 85,900 | Construction – 82,900.

Q2 2022 – offered wages increase with the increase in job vacancies

With ever-rising job vacancies in Canada amounting to up to 1 million, we also see a rise in wages. In Q2 2022 we see the following updates:

  • Average offered hourly wages – 5.3% i.e., 24.05 (yearly basis comparison).
  • Average hourly wages for employees – up by 4.1%.
  • The following sectors are seeing a rise in offered wages (highest yearly basis raise in comparison to CPI):
    • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services – +11.3% i.e., $37.05
    • Wholesale Trade – +10.6% i.e., $26.10
  • Increase in offered wages lower than CPI for occupations such as:
    • Retail Trade – +5.7% i.e., $17.60)
    • Construction – +5.2% i.e., $27.30
    • Health Care and Social Assistance – +3.6% i.e., $25.85
  • Besides, the highest wage rate growth is visible in sectors such as:
    • Service Representatives and Other Customer and Personal Services Occupations – +12.0% i.e., $17.75
    • Professional Occupations: Natural and Applied Sciences – +10.6% i.e., $42.85
    • Front-line Public Protection Services – +9.7% i.e., $30.40.

Canada immigration job vacancies and wages higher in second quarter of 2022. And the above data proves the same.

2022 Q2: Job vacancies at an all-time high in Canada 

As for Canada immigration job vacancies and wages higher in second quarter of 2022, the question rises what can you do about it? As for Canada, this may not be such good news. But for people wanting to immigrate to Canada, this is the perfect news and the perfect time. Because as the number of vacant jobs increases Canada will need foreign workers. As a result, Canada will increase its immigrant intake.

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