Canada holds second transport occupations category Express Entry draw

Canada holds second transport occupations category Express Entry draw

The second Express Entry category-based draw for transport occupations was held on Dec 20, 2023. This makes it the third consecutive Express Entry draw this week. As Canada holds second transport occupations category Express Entry draw the speculation on when the draws will end for 2023 is on pause.


Key pointers

  • Firstly, 670 applicants with job profiles in transport occupations have an ITA for Canada PR.
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off for this draw is 435.
  • Besides, the current draw is the second transport occupations category draw.
  • In comparison, to the first EE transport occupations category draw on Aug 03, 2023, we see:
    • Less than 500 applicants have an invitation to apply for Canada PR.
    • Also, the CRS cut-off is up by 37 points.


What job profiles qualify for a PR invite in second transport occupations Express Entry draw?

670 applicants get ITA in the second transport occupations category based Express Entry (EE) draw. Applicants whose job profile comes under 1 of the following job profiles have an ITA for a Canada PR visa:

Transport Occupations
Job Profile NOC code (2021) TEER category (2021)
Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors 93200 3
Transport truck drivers 73300 3
Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators 72604 2
Engineer officers, water transport 72603 2
Deck officers, water transport 72602 2
Air traffic controllers and related occupations 72601 2
Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors 72600 2
Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors 72404 2
Railway carmen/women 72403 2
Managers in transportation 70020 0

So, if your job profile matches the above table then your profile will be considered to apply for Canada PR. Besides, one must also notice that like the transport category draw, the trade occupations category also held its second draw yesterday Dec 19, 2023.


IRCC holds a higher number of Express Entry category-based draws in 2023!

On the same track, we can see that IRCC held the following number of draws for each of the EE categories:

  • STEM occupations – 2 draws | 6,500 ITAs
  • Healthcare occupations – 3 draws | 5,600 ITAs
  • Agrifood & Agriculture occupations – 1 draw | 600 ITAs
  • Trade occupations – 2 draws | 2,500 ITAs
  • Transport occupations – 2 draws | 1,670 ITAs
  • French language skills – 6 draws | 8,700 ITAs


Current transport occupations express entry draw issues 670 ITAs. Overall, in 2023, 1,670 applicants have an ITA. Hopefully, we can see these numbers go up in 2024. Because the immigration target is 485,000. As of now, before Dec 20, 2023, EE Transport draw there were 208,368 applications in the Express Entry (EE) System. This figure changes as profiles expire and new profiles are added.

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