Canada Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector Job Vacancy Reaches 152000

Canada healthcare and social assistance sector job vacancy reaches 152000

Canada is facing an acute labour market crisis. Overall, it has 1.2 million and climbing job vacancies. As per a recent report by Statistics Canada, Canada’s need for workers in the healthcare and social assistance sector is at an all-time high. As a result, the country needs up to 152,000 workers to immigrate to Canada on an urgent basis.

The payroll employment, earnings and hours, and job vacancies, August 2022 report shares updates on changes throughout Canada. The keynotes on the same are as the following:

  • Payroll employment is lower by 22,200 (-0.1%) in August.
  • Overall, all losses are with:
    • Quebec ↓ 28,100 (-0.7%).
    • Ontario ↓ 13,800 (-0.2%).
  • Partial gains are with:
    • British Columbia ↑ 8,100 (+0.3%)
    • Manitoba ↑ 2,800 (+0.4%)
  • Record high job vacancies in Healthcare and Social Assistance sector:
    • By August 2022 – 152,000 empty job positions. A 6.4% (+9,100) rise from July 2022.
    • Also, a 19.4% (+24,800) rise from August 2021.
    • The job vacancy rate goes an all-time high of 6.4% in Aug 2022. This is a 0.4% rise from July 2022.
    • Besides, this is a 0.9% rise in comparison to the August 2021 figures.
  • Payroll employment was lower by 22,400 (-0.7%) in the goods-producing sector in August 2022.
    • Highest low figures recorded in Construction – 21,900 (-1.9%).
    • Mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction 18,00 -0.8%).
  • Gains in the service-producing sector:
    • Public administration 0.6% (+7,300).
    • Professional, scientific and technical services 0.4% (+5,200).
  • Largest lower figures in the service-producing sector – retail trade 0.4% (-8,200).
  • Payroll employment is higher in professional, scientific and technical services by 5,200 (0.4%) in August 2022.

Canada sees a rise in job vacancies and average weekly earnings. Apply now for a flourishing tomorrow!

Looking at the data, we see a rise in Canada Job Vacancies all over Canada. Also, Canada Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector job vacancy reaches 152000. Besides, we also see a 3.2% rise in average weekly earnings i.e., CAD 1,170.14.

Canada is seeing an overall rise in job vacancies; more than 1.2 million empty positions are waiting to be filled. And with recent updates on the healthcare and social assistance sector, the Canadian govt must employ measures to meet the same. Because one of the prime benefits of holding a Canada PR visa and or citizenship is free top-quality healthcare services. But with a lower foreign-skilled workforce the country will be forced to reduce services and or stop certain services with immediate effect.

Did you know that more than 30% of workers in the healthcare and social assistance sector are not Canada born? Thus, the rise in demand for skilled workers in this sector must be met as soon as possible.

Do you have the right skills for the now empty Canada jobs? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Canada Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector Job Vacancy Reaches 152000. And Canada needs foreign workers on an immediate basis. Also, other Canadian sectors too, have a very high demand for foreign workers. In short, Apply now and settle in Canada in 2023!

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