Canada Invites 3350 Express Entry Candidates To Apply For Permanent Residence

The new CRS score in Express Entry Soars to all-time high Of 470 points.

The May 29 Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada has allowed 3350 candidates being issued an Invitation To Apply (ITA). The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) threshold has been set up an all-time high of 470 points.

A tiebreak applied on 29th May means that not all candidates with 470 points may not receive Invitation To Apply.

Similarly there can be multiple candidates who might have 470 CRS points. Candidates having profile in the pool before May 29 were the high priority pick ups.

In 2019, this was 11th draw as of now. With 35,100 invitations, 2019 looks to be a big year for Express Entry as Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is seeking to boost up invitations to reach its immigration targets. Also, this can lead to a reduction in CRS Score cut-off benchmark as the year moves on.

413 was the lowest ever CRS cut-off score for an all programs draw in 2017.

A big All-Programs draw in Express Entry.

This 29th May draw was all-programs draw since May 1 which came after a gap of 4 weeks as against the traditional 2 weeks gaps.

May 15 though saw one-program specific draw where candidates eligible under Federal Skills Trades Program were given invitation.

In the second place only 500 candidates were invited in that draw.

But this four-week gap of All-Programs draw allowed more candidates to enter into Express Entry pool as well as existing clients got quite a time to increase their CRS Score.

Total of 23,250 candidates were in pool having a CRS score of 301-350 Points and 6760 candidates in 411-420 Points. Further 1668 candidates were in 451-600 Points which includes new CRS score of 470 points as set up on 29th May.

Lower number of candidates in 470-point benchmark further can automatically reduce the CRS cut-off score in future which consequently will increase the selection of candidates.

Express Entry System for Permanent Residence.

The Canadian government launched “Express Entry System” on 1st January 2015 under which skilled foreign workers can apply for Permanent Resident visa. Immigration programs includes the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW), Federal Skilled Traders Program (FST) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Program.

1200 points is a benchmark for applicants who are applying for Permanent Resident visa.

New CRS cut off scrore is 470. 50 points when a candidate has already got a job offer from an employer in Canada.

Provincial State Nomination directly provides 600 points to the profile of candidate which guarantees higher score to one’s profile.

Most of the candidates opt for the Provincial Nominee Program as it is high scoring and value-added program.

If any state or province nominates the candidate, he/she can apply for permanent residency within the specific time limit as set out by applied province or territory.

The see-saw CRS score trend.

The first ever CRS Score in year 2019 was 449 which saw a marginal dip to 443 points in the next two weeks. This year the lowest CRS score was 438 on January 30, 2019.

February 2019 saw an unprecedented increase of CRS score to 457 points which was the highest score this year. The CRS score furthermore remained consistent in 450’s till May. Now 470 points CRS score has set up the highest ever points benchmark in Express Entry history.

Canada looks to increase its skilled workforce anticipation is that CRS scores will gradually decrease.

David Cohen, senior partner with Campbell said “Today’s high CRS cut-off is not a surprise given the draw size of 3,350 and the long duration between all-programs draws, which was two weeks longer than the norm. Given Canada’s higher admission targets for 2019 and 2020, we expect more frequent or larger draws in the future.”

*470 New CRS cut-off score as on 29th May.

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