Canada comes second in the world best countries in 2023

Sep 06, 2023: Canada comes Second in the World Best Countries in 2023

Canada outshines once again in the eyes of the world. As Canada comes second in the world best countries in 2023. The US News and World Report compiled as per the study model of WPP, BAV brand analytics, Prof David Reibstein (the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) studied 17,000 people from different countries. And out of the same Canada comes second as per the 10 thematic categories consisting of 73 attributes.


Top 15 Best Countries in the World 

Country GDP in dollars Population
1. Switzerland 808 billion 8.77 million
2. Canada 2.14 trillion 38.9 million
3. Sweden 586 billion 10.5 million
4. Australia 1.68 trillion 26.0 million
5. United States 25.5 trillion 333 million
6. Japan 4.23 trillion 125 million
7. Germany 4.07 trillion 84.1 million
8. New Zealand 247 billion 5.12 million
9. United Kingdom 3.07 trillion 67.0 million
10. Netherlands 991 billion 17.7 million
11. Norway 579 billion 5.46 million
12. France 2.78 trillion 67.9 million
13. Denmark 395 billion 5.90 million
14. Finland 281 billion 5.56 million
15. Italy 2.01 trillion 58.9 million

So, looking at the above table, we can see the second largest country in landmass the world Canada rank second. One must also, see the 2.14 trillion economy with a population of just 38.9 million people. So, one can imagine the capacity with which Canada can provide for Canadian residents, PR holders, international students, skilled workers, visitors, entrepreneurs and many more.

How does Canada rank Second in the World Best Countries list of 2023?

The Maple Leaf country secured 2nd position out of 87 countries. And this was after being assessed on 10 parameters that show how well a country is doing as a whole such as:

  • Adventure: Rank 20 | Rating – 54.5
  • Agility: Rank 2 | Rating – 94.1
  • Cultural Influence: Rank 15 | Rating – 55.0
  • Entrepreneurship: Rank 5 | Rating – 84.2
  • Heritage: Rank 28 | Rating – 41.6
  • Movers: Rank 57 | Rating – 17.8
  • Open for Business: Rank 11 | Rating – 80.01
  • Power: Rank 13 | Rating – 41.09
  • Quality of Life: Rank 03 | Rating – 92.7
  • Social Purpose: Rank 4 | Rating – 93.4


How does Canada’s strength as the 2nd best country in the world affect foreign immigrants who wish to move to Canada?

Canada is a land of dreams, and rightfully so. Because each year thousands of people flock to the country in search of quality education, work and business opportunities, high-paying jobs, settling in and or just admiring the beauty of all that Canada represents. Whoever enters this landscape must navigate its own pathway to success. But Canada known to be the most humble, accepting and kind nation, showers foreign immigrants all that they could imagine.

And with it now overtaking Sweden to be crowned as the Second Best Country in the World in 2023, the inflow of opportunities shall multiply even more. This is because, with an expansive landscape and lower population, Canada needs foreign skilled workers to fill its lands, occupy its job vacancies and grow its economy.

Besides, time and time again, the federal government has been vocal about how foreign immigrants have the greatest hand in shaping what Canada is today. A picture that is complete when you see people of different nationalities holding up ministries in the Canadian government. Not only this, it is visible through the facilitation of people of different descent in ceremonies held to honour their contribution to Canada.

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