Canada’s 2019 federal election: How it can influence the immigration Process ?

Though all Political parties are pro-immigration. However, federal election results can impact the immigration process and the Express Entry.

As Canada is heading towards the federal election in October, certain changes can happen in the current immigration policy. However, all three parties are in favor of economic immigration, but their approach to the immigration issue may be contrasting. Therefore, creating an impact on immigration policies.

Politics in Canada

Canada has three major political parties:

  • Liberals party, which is currently ruling
  • The conservative party of Canada
  • New Democratic Party (NDP)

However, smaller parties like the Quebec nationalist Bloc Québécois and the Green Party of Canada can also exert their influence on the political affair.

Immigration Policy under Liberals.

The Immigration policy of the Liberals is poles apart from the immigration policy of that of the US and other European nations.
Under, the liberal government policy certain changes were done in the Express Entry System.

To enumerate, the Express Entry System manages the pool of candidates for Canada’s three main economic immigration categories.


Since taking power in 2015, There has been a sudden hike in the number of invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence or ITAs. Going statistically, the ITA graph rose from 33,782 in 2016 to a whopping 86,023 in 2017. Surprisingly, a total of 89,800 Invitations were sent in 2018.

Further, the liberal introduced important changes in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). CRS is a major deciding factor determines a candidate’s position in the Express Entry Pool.

To explain, the liberals in their policy reduced the additional points awarded for a job offer. On the positive side, the changes have been beneficial to candidates with a higher human capital score, which includes age, proficiency in English and French, education, and skilled work experience.

Therefore, the combination of all factors results in the candidate’s core CRS score, which can reach a maximum of 600 points.

As per a report, under the Liberals, the invitations to the Federal Skilled Worker class hiked by nearly 400 percent in 2017.
Equally important is that the Liberals also reduced the time for availing Canadian citizenship. Furthermore, focusing on reforming medical inadmissibility rules and emphasizing family reunification.

The Conservatives.

As per the CBC’s Poll Tracker, the Conservatives have a six-point lead over the Liberals. And if there is a change in government, there might be changes in Immigration policy.

Notably, credit for the introduction of the Express Entry System is given to the Conservatives. However, no update has been given by the Conservatives regarding any further changes in the Express Entry CRS or the overall immigration targets set by the Liberals.

Although, they don’t have an outline of their immigration policy. However, Conservatives say that their policies will give priority to both the immigrants as well as the Canadian’s labor market needs.


Although NDP has never formed the government, still they hold the power in a minority government to influence the shaping of the immigration policy.

Though the NDP has not given the details for their immigration policy, the party usually holds compassion for immigrants and favorable positions on issues like family reunification.

Green Party

The Green party has only two seats in the Canadian parliament. As per a recent survey, the Green party could make a surprise contender in the October federal election.

The party has given 16 policies focusing on immigration. As per their view, Canada is a “just, fair, and open country” and “beliefs that new Canadians are a source of incredible skills and protentional for the country”.

Further, their policy, also states that the party would establish a realistic criterion for immigrants based on their existing job opportunities for immigrants to Canada. They also stated that there would eliminate the valuation of the foreign credentials for immigration purposes”

To point out, all three major political parties of Canada describe themselves as pro-immigration. Therefore, the immigration factor will a major role in the federal election.

All parties believe that Immigration is important. As parties do by keep factors such as labor shortage and economic benefits due to immigration in mind.  

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