Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google?

Scam Alert: Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google?

As a consumer who wishes to avail of the best of services and products we often loiter in the “Google Reviews” section of a particular company/brand. So, what do you see when you see 1-star reviews? Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google?

We automatically create a picture of client dissatisfaction due to multiple issues that may or may not be present. But have we ever thought about who are the people leaving 1-stars as reviews, and writing content that exuberates negativity? And most importantly how will you know whether they are the real customers/consumers of the company?

Yes, it may seem a bit too exaggerated. But such is the plight of business owners who are being plagued by “False Google reviews” trying to malign their reputation and kill their goodwill in the market.

Recently, The New York Times article went to expansive lengths to expose the ongoing “1-star google review scam being run from India”. It stated that certain people from India are threatening companies to leave a 1-star Google rating and leave comments that will ruin the company’s reputation and profitability. So, you can imagine, how difficult your decision will be. 

Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google? Read below for more.

But how does a Google review impact a company’s productivity and profitability?

Before answering the question, “Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google?”; we need to understand what are Google reviews. In general terms, Google reviews are the consumers’ ways of appreciating and or airing issues via star ratings and comments. Where a 1-star shows complete dissatisfaction with the company and or its services. While a 5-star indicates complete consumer satisfaction a brand/company is offering.

Thus, majorly all prospective consumers prefer to skim through Google reviews to save them the trouble of going through a bad experience. But what if this platform’s transparency is unclear? How in such a case does a consumer check the quality, authenticity and goodwill of a brand/company? On the contrary, how will a company/brand facing false accusations try to retain its market presence and reputation?

These are the questions which are making the ‘1-star review scammers’ gain a strong foothold.

Just imagine you have been in business for many years. And have seen your fair share of success and are climbing the industry charts. But one fine day some unknown review comes and shares:

  • How you have cheated them.
  • How your words do not match your actions.
  • And how you will just take the money and do nothing.
  • Also, the services you offer are not what they seem.

The list and depth of such fake reviews are limitless. You might brush it off as just 1 odd or try to understand and talk with the unknown person. But to what relief? For there will be no revert.

However, what if you get a bulk of such reviews? The moment this happens your “Google Rating” which is one of the primary factors for ‘incoming leads to sales conversion’ will begin to fall. Just imagine the number of potential customers you will lose.

How does the Google Review scam operate and succeed?

Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google? With the ongoing scam, it will be difficult to determine. The ‘Google Review – 1-star’ scam’ has become a nuisance for all business owners.

These scammers will firstly leave a nasty review (1 star and or comment). Secondly, they will reach out to you claiming they are the perpetrators behind it. However, their way of approach is not that of a direct threat, but rather a more pitiful manner. These people claim to be from low-income strata who are barely able to make ends meet. And thus have to resort to such tactics.

So, in a very polite manner, they will try and coax you into paying them in a legal and untraceable manner. In case you are a tough nut, they will continue to threaten you by posting multiple negative reviews. So, as to tarnish your online presence and brand image. And every business owner understands the loss of market value it brings.

Thus, these people will agree to leave and remove such remarks only if they receive a Google Play gift card worth 75$. Any business would rather lose $75 than precious prospective clients.

But all is not lost. Google too recognised the grave threat posed to businesses. And how a fake review could make a company lose everything. So, the next time you pay heed to a 1-star Google review, think and choose wisely as a customer/consumer.

Moreover, Google has offered tech support where owners can report these comments. However, Google states that post the reporting, “It will see if the review needs removal or not”. And we are all aware of the processing periods and the limiting factors influencing Google’s decision to remove a review.

Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on google? Yes, you may!

The above statement may come in as a bit bold. But it is highly suggested that owing to the ongoing scams you investigate matters thoroughly.

How to see if a business/service is legitimate?

  • Weigh in the positive and negative reviews.
    • Reviews with blank profiles and absurd usernames directly indicate the author is not authentic.
  • The review plays a ‘blame game’. But gives no details as to what went wrong.
    • Any post that can not authenticate itself with ample proof. Such as proof of transaction, and fault in product/services are most probably a fake review.
  • The review claims they have been chasing the company for months/years but to no avail.
    • All companies are bound by the law they operate and or represent. As a result, no consumer would sit idle without taking legal action.
    • If you are unhappy and have been duped then you must take legal action.
    • Thus, ask yourself, why would a consumer wait months/years for righting the wrong done to them?
  • If a business does not have legal registration or license to sell products or offer services in that case it might be illegal.
    • All businesses have access to digital platforms and marketing tools. As a consumer, you must check whether a business is legally incorporated or have the access, permission and rights to offer the goods and or services they are promoting.
    • Always check the license.
    • Check the testimonials and company’s proof of successful clients.
  • Check govt portals sharing registration and licensing details of the company.
    • In addition, you can check consumer complaints/cases filed on a respective country’s legal govt forum/platform.
  • Besides, any firm doing a legal and honest business will give legal agreement, invoices etc. Always read before you sign. If the deliverables do not come to you, you can always take legal action accordingly.

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Can you trust a company with a 1 star review on Google?
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