Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment?

2022: Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment?

In the next 9 days, we will be closing the third quarter of 2022. By the end of it, we will be able to see the overall Canadian immigration performance. And see how many lucky applicants have a Canadian visa of their choice. Also, how many of the remaining applicants are waiting patiently for their visa approvals?

Besides, the data that shall come forward will help us in forecasting whether Canada will be able to offer PR to 431,645 people or will exceed the same.

But right now we are discussing the regular Canadian immigration pathways targeting skilled workers. But what if you wish to get Canadian permanent residence via investment or as a business owner? Because why should all the skilled workers have the joys of settling in a perfect country like Canada?

Here any businessperson/investor/enthusiast will say, “Why should I take such a big risk”? Yes, the risk is everywhere but is it not the true purpose of business, “higher the risk, higher the revenue!”. However, we are looking at Canadian business immigration pathways which are a sure-shot way to entrepreneurial success.

Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment? However, before we begin to explore the Canada business immigration programs for 2022, looking at the reasons for starting/buying/investing in a business in Canada is a must!

Why should I buy/start/invest in a business in Canada?

  • 9th largest economy in the world – 1.64 trillion dollars.
  • One of the top countries in the G-20.
  • HDI Index ranking – 0.945.
  • Top place to do business because (Doing business index 2019 – 79.26) :
    • Doing business – 22
    • Ease of starting a business – 3
    • Ease of getting construction permits – 63
    • Electricity (commercial) – 121
    • Property registration – 34
    • Credit availability – 12
    • Investors (minority) – 11
    • Taxes – 19
    • Trading – 50
    • Contracts – 96
    • Insolvency – 13
  • Looking at the above data we can see that Canada offers:
    • Global exposure to businesses.
    • A great skilled workforce at disposal.
    • Top talent acquisition
    • Lower cost of starting a business in Canada
    • Lower tax level
    • Offers a profitable and sustainable marketplace
    • Great federal, provincial and territorial support to businesses.

Perks of getting permanent residence via a business immigration pathway?

When you aim to get a Canada PR visa via a business immigration pathway you will get:

  • Top quality of life.
  • Multiple economic opportunities.
  • Economic, social, and political support for development (business and self)
  • Free healthcare
  • Free education of dependants until grade 12
    • The education level is the same for both private and public educational institutions.
  • Get a Canada PR visa for 5 years.
    • Apply for Canadian citizenship after staying in Canada for 1095 days.
    • No need to complete the 5-year validity period of the PR visa.

Besides, the list of benefits is endless. Thus, looking at the above points anyone would love to immigrate to Canada as a business person.

Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment? How to apply?

Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment? Yes, you can. Finally, let us explore Canada’s business immigration pathways. The list of the same is as the following:

Start-Up Visa

Under this program, Canada targets applicants who have skills and can build a business in Canada. This refers to innovative businesses, that will create multiple job opportunities, and have the scope of expanding/running on a global scale.

If you have a business idea that is unique and profitable for Canada then you can surely take the help of a designated body. This body will help you settle permanently in Canada.

Who qualifies to apply for a Canada Start-Up Visa?

If you want to apply to this program then you must meet the following terms:

Have a qualifying business

This means your business must meet other terms such as:

  • While getting the support of a designated organisation:
    • All applicants (up to 5) must hold a minimum of 10% of voting rights concerning the business shares. AND
    • Applicants (up to 5) and the designated organisation together must hold a minimum of 50% of total voting rights.
  • Prove the following at the time of getting Canada PR:
    • Are actively running and managing your business from inside Canada.
    • The main operational activities of your company must be run in Canada.
    • Your business must be incorporated in Canada.

Getting a Letter of Support from a Canadian-designated body

In this case, the designated body refers to a business group that has the approval to invest in a business/start-up. You must do the following:

  • Pitch your business idea for approval from the body.
  • Get a Letter of Support.

Besides, you must get a minimum investment from 1 of the following designated organisations:

  • Venture Capital Funds
    • Minimum investment of $400,000.
  • Angel Investor Groups
    • Minimum investment of $75,000.
  • Business Incubators
    • You must get selection for one of the business incubator programs in Canada.

Language Skill Level

Applicants applying to this program must have a minimum language skill level of CLB 5 (English/French). You can prove the same by submitting test results such as:

  • English – IELTS/CELPIP
  • French – TCF/TEF

Settlement Funds

For the question, “Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment?”, the settlement funds sub-factor is a vital part of the answer. For the Canada Start-up visa, you must have a minimum of CAD 13,310. This is to ensure when you move to Canada you can support yourself. However, if you are moving to Canada with your family then you must have additional funds to support them as well.

How to apply?

To apply you must submit a complete and error-free visa application. But you must not miss any of the required supporting documents. After IRCC successfully process your application you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence and entry visa.

Self Employed

Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment? Another answer to this question is Canada’s Self-Employed Person pathway for Canada PR.

Now, as a self-employed person, you can get PR if you meet terms such as:

  • Have qualifying work experience (min 2 years).
    • Either participation in cultural activities or athletics at a global level. OR
    • Be self-employed in cultural activities or athletics.
      • Note – You can get extra points for 2+ years of work experience
  • Want to and can remain in self-employment in Canada.
  • Meet the eligibility terms of the program.
    • Have a minimum of 35 points out of 100 on the selection factors such as:
      • Age
      • Education
      • Work Experience
      • Language Skill Level
      • Adaptability
  • Qualify as per other terms such as medical, security terms etc.
    • Submit medical and police certificates for yourselves and your family members.

How to apply to the Self Employed immigration pathway?

If you want to apply to this category then you must submit a complete visa application. And you must not miss out on any of the important supporting documents. Once IRCC processes your application, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence and entry visa.

Can I get Canada PR by making a Business Investment? Yes! Apply Now!

Looking at the above details you can choose which Canada business immigration program is the best for you. However, if you have any doubts then you can surely take expert advice. And who could be better than a CICC-licensed immigration lawyer?

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