Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection?

Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection?

Canada Visa refusal or rejection? Do not worry! This is not the end of the road for you. Yes, you heard it right all is not lost!

Getting a rejection for a Canadian visa can be very disheartening. Because you aim to be in Canada either as a traveller, visitor, international student, and or skilled worker; the reasons are endless. And with all that heart and effort, getting a visa rejection can be discouraging. However, the “Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection” article will help you understand your reasons for getting a rejection. Also, it helps not to repeat expensive Canada Visa Application mistakes. To know more about such mistakes click here!

Just like a person has strong reasons to move to Canada; similarly, Canada has valid reasons to reject/refuse a Canada visa. Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection? Yes, but only if you avoid/rectify the following reasons for visa rejection in your New Canada Visa Application:

Proof of Funds

Canada requires all foreign immigrants to show proof of funds. So, you can sustain yourself in Canada. And not take any federal/territorial social and or medical assistance. Thus, applicants applying for Canada PR (Express Entry: FSW and FST categories) must show $13,310 as funds. This amount rises if your family members are accompanying you to Canada. You can show proof of official financial institution(s)/bank(s) and investment letters as proof of the same.

Besides, if carrying more than $10,000 when arriving at the airport you must declare the same to a border officer. If not, your funds beyond the limit will be ceased. You can carry:

  • Cash
  • Documents promising reception of capital/property such as stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills etc.
  • Documents promising reception of funds payable to you such as drafts, cheques, traveller’s cheques etc.

Similarly, Canada’s study visa requirement also requires applicants to show $10,000 in the form of GIC. Failure to do so can result in rejection of the same. Having adequate funds as financial support adds a major plus point towards getting Canada Visa Approval.

Source of Funds

Whilst showing proof of funds you must be careful as to via what medium you are showing the possession of funds. And, what is being reflected in the statement(s) you submit as proof? Because Canada does not accept sources which are non-verifiable or hint at an illegal/lack of acquisition of money. As this can be a strong basis for visa rejection. Failure to give such supporting documents and, the ‘Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection’ question will be answered in a negative.

Past Travel History

If you have no or less past travel history this may become a reason for visa rejection, especially for Canada Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa applicants. However, this can be easily dealt with by showing travel history in a new visa application.

Purpose of Visiting Canada

This reason is best suited in the cases of visitor visa applications. As the applicants fail to justify their purpose of visit. One can deal with the same by stating an event they are attending such as a marriage, conference etc and show proof of the same. Because vague reasons like visiting a friend, for no reason, may result in visa rejection.

Connection with Home Country

This is one of the common reasons for visa rejections. When the officer is unsure whether you will return to your country as per your connection with family members in Canada and or your home country. Thus, stating clear facts and compelling reasons for you to return home will be helpful to avoid rejection.

Lack of Proof from a Canadian host

On a visitor visa application, if your host fails to submit documents validating the reason for your visit to Canada, this can result in visa rejection. Documents can include but are not limited to an invitation letter (by the host from Canada), proof of relationship etc.

Fake documents

Submission of fake/forged documents is a big NO! If caught your visa will be rejected and you may get a visa ban for up to 5 years. Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection? Not with such inadvisable and dangerous attempts.

Health and Criminal records

Canada requires everyone entering the country to be medically fit with a crime-free background. As this reduces potential medical/criminal threats to the Canadian public. Thus, you must prove the same by submitting an MCC and PCC report for the same. Doing so will help in the processing of your application with no hindrance or delay.


Failing to show clear intent of returning to your home country is one of the prime reasons for visa rejection. Everyone has their own reasons for enjoying life in Canada. As it is 1 of the top places to lead a happy, safe and successful life. But Canadian authorities are highly vigilant due to the same. And do not allow applicants whose prime aim is to enter the country without agreeing/intending to return to their home country.

Does one of the above reasons appear on your visa refusal letter? If yes, you need to apply the right way! Take the expert advice of our Best Canada Immigration Consultants and raise your chances of Canada Visa approval majorly.

Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection? Why not? Apply now.  

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Can I get a Canada Visa Approval after rejection?

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