British Columbia issues 271 invites for Canada PR in the latest draw

On April 16 2020, British Columbia (B.C) issued 271 invites for nomination for permanent residence. These applicants were chosen from the Skilled Immigration and Express Entry (EE) streams of the BC PNP program.

IRCC held its latest British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) draw on April 16 and issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to 271 applicants with a qualifying CRS score. Also, applicants chosen under the BC PNP can now apply for nomination for permanent residence in Canada.

BC PNP Qualifying Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score between 85 – 105

BC PNP is an immigration program that helps British Columbia choose skilled foreign workers. It helps the province, in not only selecting educated, qualified and skilled workers but also meet its labour market force and economic needs.

Besides, if you received an ITA in this draw, it means you:

  • Firstly, submitted a complete profile to either Skilled Immigration Stream or Express Entry Stream;
  • Secondly, your profile meets all the terms of one of the above BC PNP immigration stream;
  • And, your profile has a qualifying CRS score.

After receiving an ITA, within 30 days all applicants must apply for a nomination to BC PNP as a failure to do so will result in refusal/cancellation of the nomination application.

Applicants who received 271 invites were selected from both Skilled Immigration and Express Entry (EE) stream. Also, the CRS score set was different for each of the subcategories of BC PNP.

Thus, to qualify applicants needed a CRS score of:

Skilled Immigration Stream

Skilled Worker – 100 CRS score

International Graduate – 100 CRS score

Entry Level – 85 CRS score

Semi-Skilled – 85 CRS score

Express Entry Stream

Skilled Worker – 105

International Graduate Stream – 102

Occupations excluded in the BC PNP draw

Due to the current pandemic situation, in the latest draw, 34 occupations were left out. 

As per the draw, the following occupations were excluded:

  • 0621 – Retail and Wholesale Managers
  • 0631 – Restaurant and food service managers
  • 0632 – Accommodation service manager
  • 0651 – Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c
  • 1123 – Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
  • 1221 – Administrative officers
  • 1241 – Administrative assistants
  • 3236 – Massage therapists
  • 6211 – Retail sale supervisors
  • 6311 – Foodservice supervisors
  • 6313 – Accommodation, travel, tourism and related service supervisors
  • 6321 – Chefs
  • 6322 – Cooks
  • 6341 – Hairstylists and barbers
  • 6421 – Retail salespersons
  • 6511 – Maîtres d’hôtel and hosts/hostesses
  • 6512 – Bartenders
  • 6513 – Food and beverage servers
  • 6521 – Travel counsellors
  • 6522 – Pursers and flight attendants
  • 6523 – Airline tickets and service agents
  • 6524 – Ground and water transport ticket agents, cargo service representatives and related clerks
  • 6525 – Hotel front desk clerks
  • 6531 – Tour and travel guides
  • 6532 – Outdoor sport and recreational guides
  • 6533 – Casino workers
  • 6562 – Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations
  • 6564 – Other personal occupations
  • 6611 – Cashiers
  • 6621 – Service station attendants
  • 6711 – Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations
  • 6721  – Support occupations in accommodation, travel and facilities set-up services
  • 6722 – Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport
  • 6731 – Light duty cleaners


Future of Canada Immigration shines bright!

The latest BC PNP issued 271 invites and excluded applicants from 35 occupations but the same is not with other Canada immigration programs. Also, recent, Express Entry draws on April 15 and 16, invited 3,900 applicants for permanent residence in Canada. Thus, the B.C PNP seems to have a less effect on the upward immigration trend of the country. As a result, we can forecast that Canada will surely meet its 2020 immigration target of 341,000.

Canada is expected to not only meet its 2020 target but it might also cross it and reach a figure of 351,000. Also the same has been shared in the Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022. Furthermore, the country aims to admit minimum applicants of 341,000 in 2020, 351,000 in 2021, and 361,000 in 2022.

In conclusion, this time is the best for applying for a Canada visa. And if you too dream of settling, living and working in Canada then apply now.

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