Bridging Visa E (subclass 050-051)

A Bridging visa E (BVE) (subclass 050-051) is a temporary visa that allows an individual to stay in Australia while they finalize their immigration matter or make arrangements to leave Australia.

There are two types of BVEs:

  • Bridging (General) visa (subclass 050) – generally if an individual is currently unlawful, the holder of a BVE 050 or the holder of a BVD 041.
  • Bridging (Protection Visa Applicant) visa (subclass 051) – used in limited circumstances for eligible non-citizens (as specified by the Regulations) who are not prevented from making a bridging visa application under the Migration Act or Regulations.

A BVE will have conditions that an individual must comply with. If not then the BVE might be canceled.


An individual might be granted a BVE (subclass 050) if one of the following applies:

  • They are an unlawful non-citizen, the holder of a BVE (subclass 050) or the holder of a BVD (subclass 041) and;
    • They are planning to leave Australia
    • They are applying for a substantive visa
    • They are seeking merits or judicial review of a visa decision or citizenship decision
    • They are seeking ministerial intervention.

They might be granted a BVE (subclass 051) if they meet all of the following:

  • They were refused immigration clearance or bypassed immigration clearance and came to the notice of authorities within 45 days and;
    • They are in immigration detention
    • They have applied for a protection visa
    • They meet other specific requirements relating to age, health or nomination, or they meet the requirements for a further BVE (subclass 051).

What this visa allows for?

An individual needs a bridging visa to stay in Australia if their substantive visa ends and they are waiting for an immigration decision or if they are making arrangements to leave Australia. It does not allow them to re-enter Australia if they leave.

Why is a bridging visa required?

If an individual is in Australia without a visa, they are an unlawful non-citizen. This can cause problems for them, such as:

  • The risk being detained and removed from Australia
  • They might not be granted another visa for three years after they leave Australia
  • They might have a debt to the Australian Government for the cost of their removal.

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