Biometric Data (Photo and Fingerprints) to be provided as of July 31 2018

Biometrics expansion

Starting in the summer of 2018, when you apply for a visitor visa, study or work permit (except U.S. nationals), or permanent residence you will need to give your fingerprints and a photo. To facilitate repeat travel to Canada, applicants for a visitor visa, study or work permit will only need to give their biometrics once every 10 years.

Who will need to give fingerprints and photo (biometrics)?

Everyone who applies for:

  • a visitor visa
  • a work or study permit (excluding U.S. nationals)
  • permanent residence, or
  • refugee or asylum status

Depending on your nationality, you may need to give your biometrics as soon as this summer

  • Starting July 31, 2018 – applicants from Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Starting December 31, 2018 – applicants from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas

Source: Govt of Canada

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