Best cities for Canada immigration 2020

Best cities for Canada immigration 2020

Canada is one of the most desired countries for immigration. The country has a strong economy, growing job opportunities, diverse culture, equal rights, open and safe environment. This makes Canada a top place for foreign immigrants to live, work and get permanent residence.


The country understands its growing number of old age people and economic needs. In 2019, Canada broke its immigration record by welcoming 341,000 people. And is all set to increase its intake in the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2019 – 21. In other words, we will see a rise in the number of people ‘Choosing Canada” as their home.


The country is inviting new people who have the skills to grow the country. Express Entry, PNP, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) were the top streams for Canada Immigration in 2019.

All cities are competing to get as many people as possible. This positive competition is going to benefit immigrants looking to live, work and settle in Canada.

New people in Canada’s population (2019). Foreign Immigrants Population Per capita % of people
Canada Total 341,180 37,589,262 0.91
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 1,900 78,568 2.42
Calgary, Alberta 19,625 1,514,723 1.30
Edmonton, Alberta 16,420 1,447,143 1.13
Fredericton, New Brunswick 1,570 109,883 1.43
Halifax, Nova Scotia 6,240 440,348 1.42
Kitchener – Cambridge – Waterloo, Ontario 4,585 584,259 0.78
Moncton, New Brunswick 1,915 155,825 1.23
Montreal, Quebec 34,620 4,318,505 0.80
Ottawa – Gatineau, Ontario side 10,930 1,095,134 1.00
Regina, Saskatchewan 6,140 261,684 2.35
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 5,865 330,674 1.77
Saint John, New Brunswick 1,035 131,025 0.79
Saint John’s, Newfound Land 1,290 212,433 0.61
Toronto, Ontario 117,720 6,471,850 1.82
Vancouver, British Columbia 40,020 2,691,351 1.49
Winnipeg, Manitoba 14,745 844,566 1.75
Windsor, Ontario 2,990 354,917 0.84


Toronto welcomes most immigrants among Canada cities

Toronto is once again on top, by adding 117,720 foreign immigrants to its population. This is 35% of Canada’s total population. It shows that the city is the most popular location for Immigration in Canada.



Top spot for Charlottetown on per capita basis

Charlottetown tops the list with a 2.4% increase in adding newcomers to its population. This rise is possible due to the gains through PNP and AINP. Even Prince Edward’s Island was successful in adding many newcomers through these programs. Likewise, Regina came in 2nd rank with 2.4%, Toronto 3rd with 1.8%, and saskatoon and Winnipeg 4th with 1.08%.


PNP and AINP increase growth in Atlantic Canada cities

Over the years, Atlantic cities in Canada are seeing a rise in the coming of foreign nationals. This is helping the cities to hire skilled people and fill their labour market needs. Cities like Fredericton, Halifax and Moncton are seeing a 1.2% rise in incoming of newcomers. This has been possible due to the inflow of people through the PNP and AINP.


Ottawa – Gatineau new immigrants’ intake in 2019

Ottawa – Gatineau is on a rise in the incoming of new immigrants. And as Canada’s National Capital region it is seeing an increase of 1%. A possible reason is Quebec’s decision to reduce the intake of immigrants by 20%. Thus, it is making the Ottawa – Gatineau region a favourite spot for people wishing to stay near Quebec. Besides, the city is opening its door for refugees who are adding to its existing population.


Every per cent counts towards Canada Immigration

Even though Ottawa – Gatineau contributed 1%, it still holds great value for Canada. Because it helps in filling Canada’s market, labour and skills shortage. Such a rise is a sign of a growing economy and immigration adds to it. The country adds 1% of its population through immigration. This is possible because of its 80+ immigration channels for moving to Canada. Therefore, all Canadian regions can now get foreign immigrants as per their needs and demands.

This is the reason why the country tops the Quality of life index.


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