Best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024

Best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024

As of now in the current moment, thousands of Indian students are:

  • Either on their way to their study-abroad destination OR
  • Taking consultation to choose which country best suits their budget and career aspirations OR
  • Are pondering what, where, and how to apply to the best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024.

One of the most common misconceptions is the availability of free resources for expert overseas education guidance and visa assistance. Yes, one can always ‘Google’ or ‘ChatGPT’ their way ahead. However, the information available is primarily incomplete, if not accurate. Moreover, what applicants forget is that immigration is like a court where each applicant is seen on an individual basis. This means if you apply, you will be assessed not just on generalised (online available) parameters but also other factors to see how strong your visa file is.

Thus, based on the same, firstly you secure admission overseas to the university/college of your choice. And then move forward to apply for a Study Visa. However, the question remains, ‘Which are the Best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024. In this blog, we will explore, the best countries for you to choose from and assess for yourself what suits your career growth the most.


Money! – The deriving factor of overseas education

The Indian education system is now being recognised as a top contender on a global level. However, there are specific sectors that are gloriously good whereas the rest are not at par with global set standards. And for a developing nation, the country has been doing fantastic. But these benefits are reaped by the cream layer of people with 99% or 10 CGPA. These are students who are walking the red carpet. However, what about the people with future potential resting at a humble 50-55% or 5.5 – 6.25 CGPA? Are these chunks of potential and undiscovered gems not eligible to have access to top-tier education?

This is one of the reasons for the mass exodus of Indian students to study overseas. Moreover, India is one of the top contributors to top study-abroad destinations.

Studying abroad is a dream come true for many. But one can not deny the financial investment it takes to turn that dream into a reality. The first question that pops up in the minds of international students/parents is… is it worth spending so much money? In the context of parents, usually the financers, the point stays with the arrangement of money, their ward being able to earn satisfactorily while studying and post-completion of studies. Whereas for students it stays with the ability to manage their expenses abroad, being able to work part-time, save money, send money back home and being able to find a job of their choice.

And fair enough both the pov’s are justifiably correct. But here, comes the question of, ‘Best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024’. Making this discovery is crucial for the initialisation of understanding the pathway to studying overseas in 2024.


Indian Students Study Overseas in 2024 – Top 4 Countries to Choose!

Apply now to study in a country that offers the best globally accredited education, exposure, and experience. Here is the countdown of the list of the top 4 countries you can choose from to study overseas in 2024. Apply Now and get a Study Visa Soon!


4. USA

From the top destination for international students, the country has slipped down because of multiple factors. However, one can not deny the global opportunities and access to career success studying at a US Ivy League Uni/College brings.

As per the QS World University ranking US dominates the charts with 6 of its top universities being listed as the best:

Top US Universities to Apply to in 2024
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Rank 1
  2. Stanford University – Rank 3
  3. Harvard University – Rank 5
  4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – Rank 6
  5. University of Chicago – Rank 10


So, anyone who gets their academic credentials from such esteemed universities is bound to excel in their career, with salary packages breaking the roof. This is why everyone wants to Study in the USA. However, such top educational institutions can be costly beyond one’s imagination. If one is comfortable bearing tuition fees, accommodation, and daily expenses costs then the US is the best choice for you.


US Education Cost in 2024
  • Tuition fees – $40,000 – $100,000 (as per course, degree level, and university/college)
  • Cost of Living – $10,000 – $18,000 per year (covers accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, basic amenities etc.)


USA Scholarship Assistance for Indian Students in 2024

Money is the only factor that keeps a larger chunk of Indian students from applying to the USA. But one can Study in the USA if, under the right guidance and leadership, they can claim part or a full-time scholarship such as:

  1. Fulbright Scholarship Program
  2. Rotary Peace Fellowships
  3. AAUW International Fellowships
  4. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  5. Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University


3. United Kingdom

Royal, Regal, and Refined, are the words that are invoked whenever the United Kingdom pops up in discussions. With a rich history of conquests, spreading its language, and leading it to its global domination in today’s time, the UK is still one of the most popular destinations for Indians.

With an Indian-origin PM, now the prospect of moving to the UK seems more alluring than ever. In recent, updates the PM also expressed its support for Indians, and assured the ease in the selection of applicants for a UK Study Visa. So, in such a case why not move to the UK for overseas education?

Looking at the following list of top UK universities it is much clearer as to why Choose UK on the ‘Best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024’ list.


Top UK Universities to apply to in 2024

As per QS World Ranking 2023

  1. University of Cambridge – Rank 2
  2. University of Oxford – Rank 4
  3. Imperial College London – Rank 6
  4. University College London (UCL) – Rank 8
  5. The University of Edinburgh – Rank 15


UK Education Cost 2024
  • Tuition fees – £11,000 – £38,000 (as per course, degree level, and university/college)
  • Cost of Living – £12,000 – £20,000 per year (covers accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, basic amenities etc.)


UK Scholarships for Indian Students

The UK is another fine example of high tuition costs and cost of living. However, getting a scholarship can help you study in the UK via a part-time or a full-time scholarship. This way you can excel at your career without compromising on your mental health regarding the alarming expenses.

The following is the list of some of the top UK Study Scholarships you can apply to:

  1. Felix Scholarship
  2. Rodex Scholarship
  3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship
  4. British Chevening Scholarships for International Scholarships
  5. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)


2. Australia

The best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024 can not go unnoticed without mentioning Australia on the list. Australia is one of the land of opportunities. As an Indian student, you can not only get a quality education but at a comparatively better finance bracket than the USA and UK. 

Australia has seen its fair share of rise and fall in the number of Indian students entering the country for overseas education. However, in the past 10 years, there has been a positive rise in applicants choosing to immigrate to Australia on a student visa. And why not, scenic beauty, globally accepted education, high quality of life, lower cost of living, reduction in hate crimes against people of colour etc… Australia truly has reshaped itself compared to what was seen a decade ago.

So, if you too wish to reap the benefit of studying overseas in Australia, the following are the top Australian universities (QS World Ranking).

Top Universities in Australia
  1. Australian National University (ANU) – Rank 30
  2. The University of Melbourne – Rank 33
  3. The University of Sydney – Rank 41
  4. The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) – Rank 45
  5. The University of Queensland – Rank 50


Cost of Studying in Australia for Indian Students in 2024

Tuition fees – AU$20,000 – AU$54,000 (as per course, degree level, and university/college)
Cost of Living – AU$30,000 – AU$40,000 per year (covers accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, basic amenities etc.)


Top Scholarships for Australia to Apply to in 2024
  1. Destination Australia Scholarship
  2. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award
  3. John Allwright Fellowship
  4. Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  5. Australia Awards Scholarship

Best education, professors, academic research opportunities and post-study insurance for overseas success, Australia can be one such place for you. And with Study in Australia Scholarship, you can surely make the best of your overseas academic journey in Australia. And amongst a multicultural background, with support from like-minded people, studying in Australia can open up many career-changing opportunities for you.


1. Canada

On the ‘Best 4 Countries for Indian Students to Study Overseas in 2024’, without a doubt Canada tops the list. And anyone who aspires to Study Overseas is very familiar with Canada taking the top spot. The reason is that in terms of money, Canada is very convenient to the pocket in compassion to the above 3 first world countries. However, lower overseas education costs do not reduce the quality of education one gets in Canada.

Top Canadian universities on the QS World Ranking
  1. McGill University – Rank 31
  2. University of Toronto – Rank 34
  3. University of British Columbia – Rank 47
  4. University of Alberta – Rank 110
  5. Université de Montréal – Rank 116


Cost of Studying in Canada in 2024 as an Indian student
  • Tuition fees – CAD$20,000 – CAD$54,000 (as per course, degree level, and university/college)
  • Cost of Living – CAD$30,000 – CAD$40,000 per year (covers accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, basic amenities etc.) 


Top Scholarships to Apply to Study in Canada in 2024
  1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  2. Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships
  3. Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
  4. Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
  5. IDRC Research Awards


Why choose Canada when the top Universities/Colleges are in the USA, UK, and Australia?

The reason for Canada reigning as the top choice for international students is not just the lower cost of education. But also includes the:

  • Lower admission requirements (CGPA).
  • Low IELTS requirement.
  • Multiple options to get a quick and easy Canada Study Visa (Student Direct Stream)
  • Faster Study Visa processing timelines.
  • Better cost of living (depends on the choice of the applicant for – residence, food and clothing habits, idea of entertainment etc.)
  • Safer in comparison to the rest of the listed countries.
    • Canada has zero tolerance for discrimination against anyone in any form. And has very harsh rules regarding the same.
    • Thus, as an Indian student, you are in a safe, flourishing, and supportive environment to excel in your career.
  • Pre- and post-study job opportunities – Canada offers ease of access and better pay to international students.
    • So, whether part-time or full-time you will always have better job opportunities reality available for you.
    • Thus, you will be able to sustain yourself and work towards saving a generous amount for your future in Canada.
  • Canada has the fastest Study Visa approval rates. So, if you know how to submit a complete and error-free Canada study visa application, you can get a study visa in 4-8 months (regular visa process) or even in 20-21 days (SDS process).


Best 4 countries for Indian students – Choose wisely in 2024!

The best 4 countries for Indian students to study overseas in 2024 are now all listed. As an Indian student, it is your individual choice, to choose a country that best suits your academic and overseas career dreams. In case, you find yourself lost in such a pool of information freely and redundantly available online, it is always advised to Connect with a Licensed Study Visa Expert.


Why connect with a Licensed Study Visa Consultant to Study Abroad in 2024?

When pondering about Applying for a Study Permit for the choice of your country and study program, getting the help of a visa expert works wonders. This is because they are industry experts who are aware of the ongoing visa procedures, policies, and updates. Thereby, you will have a clear study visa pathway set for you. And your chances of getting a study visa rejection become majorly lower.

On the contrary, applying on your own can result in an incomplete visa application, missing deadlines and supporting documents, having no financial plan in hand to support your foreign education and yourself etc. As a result, your student visa application for 2024 is bound to be rejected.


But do not worry. Apply with Global Vision Immigration a Licensed Canada Immigration Firm. GVI has been making overseas education dreams come true since 2006. So, be it Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, or Europe, with a high visa success rate, we can help you get a quick and easy study visa in no time.

Start by taking our Free Assessment. You can also Contact Us to get your custom immigration plan that matches all your needs.

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